Lazy Sunday CXC: Portly’s Best Films, Part III

Our lists of the best films are nearly done!  It’s a project months in the making, and Ponty and I both have honorable mention posts to get through before revealing our #1 picks, but we’re tantalizing close!  Indeed, Ponty has promised (or threatened, depending on one’s perspective) two or even three honorable mention posts, so we could be at this list-making business for another month or so.  Gulp!

Regardless, I’ve finished my list through my #2 pick, so here are my higher-ups, filling in slots 4, 3, and 2:

#1 picks are coming soon… ish.  Stay tuned!

Happy Sunday!


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2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday CXC: Portly’s Best Films, Part III

  1. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    You don’t have to worry, mate. I’m going to limit my honourable mentions to just two posts. To be honest, and though I’ve much enjoyed running through a top ten, once both lists are complete, I’ll be able to come off here, TCW and Neo and return to my novel. I’m going to be disciplined this time which means I won’t be able to write anything for these sites while I’m working and it could take a few months. Tina’s going to give me some time off for our anniversary in April and Easter but bar that, I need to sit here, keep away from favourite sites and write.

    In the meantime, however, we’ve got our lists to complete. I was thinking of sending a couple of gaming articles in the interim but I’d much rather stay off t’internet while I’m writing. Commenting has become an unwelcome addiction for me. I enjoy talking to people here and in America but I do it way too often and need to limit my time online.

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    • Oh, I’m not worried, Ponty. Two posts does sound more reasonable, but if you need three, go for it! I’ve just gotsta start planning on how to land this bird (in other words, when to schedule my #1 pick and yours).

      You will be missed during your leave of absence, but I hope the sabbatical gives you time to focus on your book. You know you’ll have a ready supporter for your literary efforts here.

      I have experienced something similar with the blog: I love maintaining it, but it does take away from other writing projects I’d like to pursue.

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