Lazy Sunday CLXXVI: 2022’s Top Three

It’s still two weeks to New Year’s Day, and while there’s plenty of time for some wayward posts to take off—or some new ones to exceed the three listed here—it’s the last Sunday of the year that isn’t Christmas.  As such, I decided to do the best (in terms of views) posts of 2022 today.

Before getting on to the posts, let me point out that they’re all quite different—and one of them is from our own Ponty/Always a Kid for Today—and the #1 most viewed post of the past year remains a mystery to me.  It’s a good post—I write in earnest humility—but for some reason it will randomly get dozens of views in a day sometimes.

I’m not complaining—I think it’s great!—but the mystery intrigues me.

Well, enough of that!  Here are 2022’s Top Three Posts:

  1. Driving the Georgia Backroads” (384 views) – I actually wrote this post in 2021, so I suppose it’s technically ineligible for this list… but I’ve already written the lengthy preamble about it and I’d rather not mess around with changing it (remember—it’s Lazy Sunday).  Regardless, it’s about driving the backroads to Athens, Georgia, and all the quaint little communities along the way.
  2. Monday Morning Movie Review, Guest Contributor Edition: The Purge (2013)” (176 views) – Once Ponty started writing movie reviews for the blog, his shameless whoring of the posts over at The Conservative Woman really brought in the traffic.  He’s also a great writer and reviewer, so that probably has something to do with it, too.
  3. Alone” (157 views) – True to human nature, we all love tales of woe and misery.  “Alone” was my magnum opus to heartbreak (actually, my magnum opus to heartbreak is my solo EP, Contest Winner EP).  I was at a low point, one from which I clawed myself, but I’m a bit back at square one.  Oops!

Happy Sunday—and Merry Christmas!


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2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday CLXXVI: 2022’s Top Three

  1. 🙂 🙂 Shameless whoring! I can’t really add much to that except that I do post Audre and your pieces on there, plus the odd one from Neo. I should do more for the latter. Dave is one of the best writers I’ve had the privilege to read and his articles should be viewed more.

    Driving on the Georgia backroads was my favourite piece of the year and I’m glad it topped the list. As for Alone, I’m glad you dug yourself out of that particular hole. I know how bad things can get and it’s good that you were able to get out of that funk.

    As an aside (and please don’t say anything yet), I have an article popping up on TCW on Christmas Eve and if Kathy and Margaret don’t alter it, traffic to here and Neo should improve ten fold. As I said, not a mention on TCW until Christmas Eve. I just hope they leave it as is.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed “Driving the Georgia Backroads.” It’s always interesting and amusing to me which posts take off, and which don’t. I’ll write something and think, “This piece is incredible!”—and it will garner a half-dozen views. Then I’ll write some piece that I think is throwaway filler, and it’ll take off like a firecracker on Chinese New Year.

      Thank you re: “Alone.” Things haven’t worked out with Kim, sadly—that’s a story for a private e-mail in the future—and I was briefly back in that hole, but the Christmas season is pretty magical and restorative.

      I’ll keep my lips sealed, mate, although you were the one who just posted it in a public comment on the website! : D Haha, but, all teasing aside, that is wonderful! Thank you in advance, old chum!

      Merry Christmas! Off to narrate the church Christmas cantata, and then a full day of driving all over the Southeastern United States. Wooooot!


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