Lazy Sunday CXXIII: Murphy

The big news this week is that I got a dog, Murphy, an eight-year old female bull terrier.  I promise that I am not turning the blog into a gushfest for this lovable, chunky fur ball, but given how much I’ve written about her this week, it made sense to dedicate this Lazy Sunday to posts about Murphy.  I mean, she is super lazy (she’s asleep at my feet at this very moment), and so I am; why scroll through a bunch of posts from all over the years, when I can just rehash the three related to my awesome dog?

Happy Sunday!


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10 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday CXXIII: Murphy

      • Yes. Today she’s been doing really well. I crated her when I went to church. We got back and took a good walk, and trained a bit with her clicker (mainly, I’m just trying to get her to associate the clicker with treats, so I can use it to signify when she does something good). She took a little nap while I read for a bit, and we just had another good little walk/run outside. It’s hot, so she can’t go super long, and when she’s ready to come back, she lets me know! She is also whisper quiet, aside from some grunts and panting now and then, and she loves to give slobbery kisses.

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      • She’s been feeling her oats tonight, but I’m working on some exercises with her to keep her engaged. My girlfriend has given me some good advice to training, so we’ll be doing some work on basic commands and gestures starting tomorrow morning.

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