The Portly Politico originated as a politics blog back in 2009.  After experiencing an intense resurrection during the summer of 2016, TPP became involved more heavily with other projects, and the blog once against fell dormant, with only a few occasional posts.

Relaunching in 2018, TPP decided to move the blog to WordPress, with the old Blogger site serving as the archive.

The Portly Politico features daily posts on politics, culture, and music.  You can support TPP’s content at SubscribeStar.

TPP is currently working on two eBooks, Values Have Consequences, which explores social conservatism and the need for traditional values; and Tyranny Denied:  Reflections on Brexit, a collection of essays from 2016 about the British vote to leave the European Union.

TPP is available to speak to your group or convention; you can contact him here.


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