Lazy Sunday CXVIII: More Movies VI: Movie Reviews, Part VI

Another week has rolled by, so it’s time for another Lazy Sunday—one so lazy, I’m sticking to the recent movie review theme.  I’m heading into a very busy week with a whopping sixteen tiny campers in Minecraft Camp, making it the largest such camp in the school’s history.  I’ve also got a full slate of lessons, including two new students, so I hope you’ll excuse some additional laziness today.

That said, here are three more Monday Morning Movie Reviews for your consideration:

  • Monday Morning Movie Review: Boss Level (2021)” – This flick—which features Mel Gibson as the chief villain—is a fun, action-packed romp through a quasi-video game scenario:  every time the protagonist dies, he starts the whole day over.
  • Monday Morning Movie Review: The Ghost Writer (2010)” – A political thriller about a thinly-veiled Tony Blair character writing his memoirs, The Ghost Writer is interesting and tense in spite of its holes.
  • Monday Morning Movie Review: High-Rise (2015)” – A sci-fi parable for classism in 1970s Britain, High-Rise stars Loki (Tom Hiddleston) as a man caught in the middle—socially and physically—of a high-tech tower rapidly descending into decadence and chaos.  Not a film for everyone, but it’s a good ride.

Happy Sunday!


Other Lazy Sunday Installments:

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