Lazy Sunday CXVII: More Movies V: Movie Reviews, Part V

After a few weekends of diversion, it’s back to some movies this Lazy Sunday.  Continuing the retrospective of Monday Morning Movie Reviews, here are three more posts for your viewing pleasure:

  • Monday Morning Movie Review: The Little Things (2021)” – One of the few films I’ve seen on the big screen in The Age of The Virus, The Little Things (2021) is “a hidden gem”—a neo-noir detective flick starring Denzel Washington as Deke, an obsessed former police detective with an axe to grind over a series of unsolved serial murders.
  • Monday Morning Movie Review: Movie Round-Up I” – The first (and, to date, only) grab-bag of short film reviews, this round-up covered three films of various qualities and genres:  Eyes Wide Shut (1999), Enola Holmes (2020), and Murder Mystery (2019).  I enjoyed all three, to varying degrees and for different reasons.
  • Monday Morning Movie Review: You’re Next (2013)” – 2013’s You’re Next is a refreshingly taut suspense and horror film that I actually had seen some years earlier, before inadvertently—but fortuitously—watching it again.  It follows a wealthy family as they’re picked off, one by one, by a group of masked assassins.  It will keep you on the edge of your seat—and away from your windows.

That’s it for this cinematic Sunday.  Enjoy viewing these films!

Happy Sunday!


Other Lazy Sunday Installments:

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3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday CXVII: More Movies V: Movie Reviews, Part V

  1. I really, really enjoyed the movie Seven, which the Wiki page for The Little Things mentions. There is another Denzel movie – it’ll take about 187 yrs for me to remember the title … The Equalizer! (took about 15 minutes of research, lol!). He’s made so many movies that I like very much it’s hard to pick a favorite but right at the top of that list, for right now, is The Book of Eli. And the one where he’s hired as a body guard for a little girl in Mexico, I think it was.

    In other news … for a really bad movie, you may want to review Get Out. You knew by the title and trailer what the whole story was. REALLY bad movie.

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    • I really need to watch _The Book of Eli_. And I have seen _Get Out_. Lots of racial commentary in that one.

      Yes, Denzel Washington can do no wrong, it seems, as an actor. He’s starred in some good flicks, that’s for sure.


      • To me, he’s like Clint Eastwood or John Wayne – you watch it just ’cause you know it’s going to be good.

        Aside from the ‘racial commentary’, as a stand alone movie it was terrible!!!

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