Lazy Sunday CXIV: More Movies IV: Movie Reviews, Part IV

We’re getting into that hot time of year, which for most people means going outside, doing yard work, and having fun.  For those of us that are of a lazier, doughier disposition, it’s a time to avoid the unpleasantness of Southern humidity with some good flicks and frosty A/C.

In that spirit, I decided to return to a retrospective of past Monday Morning Movie Reviews this Lazy Sunday, featuring a selection of three flicks spanning decades:

  • Monday Morning Movie Review: Young Frankenstein (1974)” – Another timeless comedy classic, Young Frankenstein is one of my favorite Mel Brooks films.  I re-watched it back in January, during those long, cold winter nights, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
  • Monday Morning Movie Review: Digging Up the Marrow (2014)” – This flick was one I’d seen on Hulu for years, but had always passed over.  I finally watched it, and really enjoyed its twist on the “found-footage” phenomenon.  The premise is that the “movie-within-a-movie” seeks to prove that monsters are real, with only an obsessed old man as their guide.
  • Monday Morning Movie Review: Witness (1985)” – A modern classic starring Harrison Ford as a cop on the run in Amish Country, Witness is a powerful story of a man whose principles, while out of place in the modern world, help him fit into the world in which he takes refuge.

That’s it for this weekend.  Happy Viewing!


Other Lazy Sunday Installments:

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2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday CXIV: More Movies IV: Movie Reviews, Part IV

  1. Loved Witness! Excellent story well acted and beautifully written.

    Hilarious! The system just advised me that I’m boring! It warned that I had written the same thing before. Everyone’s a critic!

    Liked by 1 person

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