Lazy Sunday CXLIII: More Movies, Part XIII: Movie Reviews, Part XIII

I’m finally coming up for air after two very long weeks of week.  The multiple belated posts of the last week, including today’s, is indicative of the pace at which I’ve been working.

But no one wants to read (more!) about that.  In the spirit of laziness and yuletide exhaustion, I’m offering up another three-film retrospective, as I continue marching through past editions of Monday Morning Movie Reviews:

  • Monday Morning Movie Review: Viy (1967)” – It’s a Soviet horror film from the 1960s.  That should be enough justification to watch it.
  • Monday Morning Movie Review: The Stuff (1985)” – 1985’s The Stuff is one of those movies that looks like it was filmed in the 1970s, but it takes place firmly in the 1980s.  In that context, the satire of cultish consumerism and materialism run amok is pretty on the nose.  Still, it’s a good film, combining elements of consumer protection advocacy, mass media advertising, consumerism, ruthless business tactics, and addiction into a blob of creamy terror.
  • Monday Morning Movie Review: Star Wars (1977)” – Reviewing the original 1977 Star Wars is a bit ridiculous—what do I have to say that others have not already said, and better?—but I had the opportunity to watch it outdoors in a neighbor’s driveway on a big inflatable screen.  Pretty awesome, eh?

Happy Sunday!


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