Lazy Sunday CXXVI: Joy, Part I

It occurred to me that I have written a great number of posts with “the joy of” in the title.  As such, why not go back and explore these joyful posts?

I kicked around the idea of doing a Lazy Sunday about the seasons, but apparently I have never written “The Joy of Summer” and “The Joy of Winter.”  Summer in South Carolina is a brutal hellscape of humidity and venomous insects, so there’s not much joyful other than two months off.  I much prefer winter—the bugs are dead—so I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten around to that one yet.

So I got in the two “glamor” seasons, spring and autumn, and tossed in one about coffee:

  • The Joy of Autumn” (and “TBT: The Joy of Autumn“) – Autumn is great:  candy apples, Halloween, festivals.  There’s a lot of joy to go around.
  • The Joy of Spring” – Spring is like autumn, but with more bees and flowers.  I wrote this post during the lovely, long spring of 2020, which I took to be a God-given reprieve from The Age of The Virus, especially given that everything remotely sociable had to be done outdoors.
  • The Joy of Coffee” – This post was a surprise hit.  Apparently, there is a huge overlap between blog readers (and bloggers) and coffee consumption, based on the likes and views this one received.  Also, what’s better than a hot cup of coffee on a frosty winter’s morn?

Here’s hoping these posts bring you some joy.  And, remember:  winter is coming.  Much like a George R. R. Martin novel, it’s going to be awhile before it arrives.

Happy Sunday!


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