SubscribeStar Saturday: Schedule Roulette

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With school starting back in just a few days, I’ve been hammering away at schedules of all sorts.  The school schedule itself seems to be in flux, with an ebb of last-minute changes and adjustments to the all-powerful Master Schedule.  Surprise personnel changes and a surge in enrollment have seen quite a bit of shuffling taking place, though it doesn’t seem quite as chaotic as it has been in past years.

The new academic year also means that I’m scheduling students for private music lessons.  In a normal year, it can be  a little difficult to put together a consistent weekly schedule.  This year, I have so many students, it’s been a Sisyphean task, although I think I nearly have the boulder pushed to the top of the hill.

Or, like Sisyphus, I’m only fooling myself, and the boulder is about to roll backwards, flattening me in the process.

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5 thoughts on “SubscribeStar Saturday: Schedule Roulette

  1. Just as an aside – I wish we lived closer; my retirement bucket list was to learn to play the piano. When I first retired, I thought I’d teach myself, lol, by buying one of those electronic keyboard (it’s simply the keyboard that plugs in) but got intimidated by the ‘electronic-ness’ of it (my generation doesn’t have ‘electronics gene’. Long story short – I never did anything about it. Sigh.

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