Supporting Friends Friday: Mogadishu Matt

As I’ve noted before, one of the joys of blogging is discovering and interacting with other bloggers.  Regular readers know that I maintain a strong alliance with photog over at Orion’s Cold Fire, as we tend to take the same approach on the pressing issues of our times.  His analysis is thoughtful but accessible, and his whimsical photography and pithy quotations make for a delightful experience.

This week I’d like to spotlight another blogger buddy, Mogadishu Matt at Free Matt Podcast.  When I first started reading Double M’s blog, I thought it was dedicated to getting some guy named “Matt” out of prison (“Free Matt!“).  Now I think it’s just because he’s a Matt livin’ free.

Matt calls himself the “#1 Somalian libertarian voice,” which I suppose is a distinction.  He’s likely the only Somalian libertarian, though he’s a bit hirsute and pale to be from that trouble nation.  Regardless, his posts are often in a libertarian vein, and he frequently reblogs essays from the Mises Institute.

I have my quibbles with libertarians—at best, libertarianism is a well-intentioned but unrealistic ideology that values rights and liberties; at worst, it’s a sophomoric, materialist philosophy that excuses debased moral behavior as long as “it’s good for the economy” and the commodification of everything.  The worst libertarians are keyboard warriors who hide behind a materialist economic system that somehow magically resolves all conflict by putting a price tag on stuff.

Matt is decidedly not that kind of libertarian (though I imagine he will take issue with my characterization of libertarians).  He has lived life, and his posts often highlight the hard-learned lessons of a life well- (and sometimes not well-)lived.  He also approaches topics with a certain gentle and generous spirit, and his perspective is often unique and contrarian.

As such, I’ve really come to appreciate his insights.  I haven’t watched much of his YouTube channel (where he posts recordings of his podcast), but the few I’ve listened to have been enjoyable and insightful.  He also writes some excellent (and hilarious) responses to advice column questions, which are far better than the pabulum the advice “experts” dole out.

He also wrote a great review of my bookThe One-Minute Mysteries of Inspector Gerard.  He found things in my writing that even I didn’t know where there.

But even if he hadn’t written that kind review, I could heartily recommend his blog.  It’s full of variety and fresh insights, as well as Matt’s laid-back sense of dry humor.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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