Phone it in Friday XV: Blogger Buddies

It’s been another crazy week, but the rhythms of the school year are beginning to fall into their familiar patterns.  That said, I’ve put in more hours working this week than any in a long time.

Regular readers know what that means:  another edition of Phone it in Friday, now reaching its fifteenth installment.

It’s been a week for shout-outs to other commentators and platforms, so I figured I’d continue with that theme and recommend some of my blogger buddies to you.  I have to give a big hat tip for this idea to one of my best blogger buddies, photog, over at Orion’s Cold Fire.  He wrote a post—“A Word of Thanks to Our Boosters“—highlighting some of those blogs that routinely link to his page or reference his writing, and yours portly made the list.  Thanks, photog!

So on this rainy, overcast Friday, here are some excellent blogs for your consideration:

  • Orion’s Cold Fire:  I reference photog’s work so frequently, I use both his pseudonym and his website’s name as tags on blog posts.  I stumbled upon OCF when photog was running ads on The Drudge Report, back before Matt Drudge betrayed the Right and got all SJW (photog and I would recommend WhatFinger News as a conservative alternative to Drudge).  His blog covers politics and culture, but photog also reviews episodes of Star Trek, and he features at least one of his photographs daily (he did an episode-by-episode review of the original Twilight Zone series, too, which was amazing).  He’s a talented writer, photographer, and grandfather, and I’m hoping he and Camera Girl will visit South Carolina soon.
  • Nebraska Energy Observer:  NEO and his gang at Nebraska Energy Observer offer up insightful, fun commentary on politics, theology, and even Bigfoot on a daily basis.  His stable of regular contributors routinely inspire my own posts, such as my take on Audre Myers‘s post on the supernatural, “Things That Go Bump in the Night.”  NEO is an unrepentant Anglophile, like yours portly, and his love for Anglo-American history is evident in his many posts commemorating now-obscure English holidays.
  • Esther’s Petition:  Esther’s Petition is a Christian and prophecy blog maintained by my real-life friend Bette Cox, who I met while volunteering with the Florence County GOP.  Bette writes beautifully about her relationship with Christ, and has a spiritual gift for prophecy.  She’s also a gifted writer, and her posts—especially her posts about outer space—always get my mind churning.
  • Corporate History International:  My real-life friend and fellow musician Frederick Ingram maintains this blog, which draws upon his years of experience as a freelance research writer for corporations.  He posts infrequently, but he always features some great content (his latest post is a reblog of my postPopulism Wins“).  His book reviews are also fantastic and very high-quality.
  • Fencing Bear at Prayer:  Fencing Bear at Prayer is the blog of Rachel Fulton Brown, a University of Chicago medievalist and fast friend of Milo.  I don’t know if Dr. Brown considers me a friend, but she has shared my content before, and we’ve chatted briefly on Telegram.  She possesses a warm, inviting spirit—and a mighty intellect.
  • Reflections from a Murky Pond:  Blogger jonolan has maintained Reflections from a Murky Pond for years now, and I’ve been reading his short, pithy posts off-and-on for a couple.  He’s a bit of a “chaotic neutral” or “chaotic good” kind of guy, and his material can be a little spicy, but he offers up some biting, succinct commentary, often coupled with hilarious political cartoons.  I’m not sure if he would consider me one of his blogger buddies, but I do appreciate the role he’s filling as a no-nonsense commentator.
  • The Z Blog:  The Z Man probably has no idea who I am (although he did respond to an e-mail I sent him once), but his daily blog essays offer up probably the most original writing and analysis in the blogosphere.  I don’t always agree with his premises or conclusions, but he makes me think—and think hard.

So there you have it—some excellent bloggers to check out.  I know some of them better than others, but they’re all worth your time.  Take advantage of a rainy day and do some reading!

God Bless,


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6 thoughts on “Phone it in Friday XV: Blogger Buddies

  1. Thank you for the honorable mention!
    Made a list of the bloggers you mentioned. I suspect, as Paul said to Rick Gaines*, my world is about to get a lot bigger.

    *Big Walking Dead fan – two characters from same

    Liked by 2 people

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