Lazy Sunday CXXXIX: More Movies, Part X: Movie Reviews, Part X

Nothing is lazier than writing a Lazy Sunday about past movie reviews.  It takes no creative effort on my part, and my back catalog of movie reviews is so vast at this point, it provides fodder for months.  Months, I say!

Erhem… anyway, these films marked my introduction to Shudder, the horror streaming service, which subsequently impacted about 99% of my film viewing.  I dove pretty hard into all that Shudder had to offer:

  • Monday Morning Movie Review: The City of the Dead (1960)” – This post marked my first movie review since subscribing to Shudder, the horror streaming service.  City of the Dead is a classic of black-and-white horror film from the early 1960s.  As a fan of Hammer films, I really enjoyed this moody, atmospheric flick.  It also features Christopher Lee, a veteran of Hammer flicks, and best known for his repeated roles as Dracula.  In The City of the Dead, Lee portrays a professor studying witchcraft, who convinces his promising young student Nan Barlow to spend her vacation learning in remote Whitewood, Massachusetts.  Against the warnings of her brother and her fiancé, Nan makes the difficult journey to Whitewood, picking up a mysterious hitchhiker along the way—and putting herself into perilous danger.
  • Monday Morning Movie Review: Creepshow (1982)” – I remember seeing Creepshow at some point as a kid, and the plots of several of the vignettes stuck with me.  For example, the whole plot of “The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill“—which stars Stephen King in his first film role—has always stuck with me (indeed, I have an idea for a short story with a similar premise tentatively entitled “Yeast Man”):  the idiot farmer slowly succumbing to the weird alien plant.  Ted Danson’s submerged head in “Something to Tide You Over” is another memorable image, as is the flood of roaches entering the impossibly sanitized apartment in “They’re Creeping Up on You!”  Those three lodged themselves in my young mind, which added a nice bit of nostalgia to viewing Creepshow again as an adult.
  • Delayed Monday Morning Movie Review: Day of the Dead (1985)” – One of these days I’ll actually get to watch 1978’s Dawn of the Dead, the supposedly “fun” Romero Dead movie.  But Day of the Dead did in a pinch, even if it’s far more cynical about human nature than Dawn.  The film takes place at a point in the zombie apocalypse at which virtually no humans are left alive (or not undead).  A tiny military unit begrudgingly protects an even tinier team of scientists, the latter of which are attempting to resolve or reverse the zombification of their fellow Americans through scientific means.  There’s a strong theme of desperation and hopelessness in the film, but not nihilism:  the film suggests that humanity brought the zombie plague upon itself by playing God and pushing the limits of human knowledge to hubristic extremes.

Well, that’s it for this Sunday’s post.  I’m emerging from the woods at some point today, assuming Bigfoot didn’t get me.

Happy Sunday!


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