Lazy Sunday CXXXI: Friends, Part III

The celebration of friendship rolls on (read Part I and Part II), this week heavily featuring blogger buddies.  One of the real joys of blogging is the opportunity to read other bloggers’ writing, and to build up a community of like-minded writers.  These three writers definitely fit the bill:

  • Supporting Friends Friday: Mogadishu Matt” – Mogadishu Matt at Free Matt Podcast writes some of the more interesting “slice of life” commentary I’ve ever read.  He’s particularly humorous when writing his own, hard-boiled responses to letters sent to advice columnists.  He’s a man who has lived a rich—if not always easy—life, and he’s learned and grown from those experiences.  That really comes across in his writing.
  • Supporting Friends Friday: photog” – Good old photog is the proprietor of Orion’s Cold Fire.  I consider photog my closest blogging ally, and some of my writing for his blog got the juices flowing again for my blog.  He writes on everything from politics to photography (thus the nom de plume) to Star Trek.  Check him out!
  • Supporting Friends Friday: Audre Myers” – Audre is a fun-loving, child-like, but wise writer who frequently posts for Nebraska Energy Observer, Neo’s blog (which features far more stuff about English and American history than it does about running electrical lines in rural Nebraska).  Writing this tribute to Audre proved to be a turning point for my own blog:  Audre has tons of fans in Great Britain, and now traffic to my site has increased five-to-ten-fold on a daily basis, thanks simply to Audre’s friends and well-wishers commenting on the blog.  I’ve never had such lively comment sections, and that also means more comments from Audre herself!

Well, that’s another Sunday in the books.  Enjoy your day and support your writers!

Happy Sunday!


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20 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday CXXXI: Friends, Part III

  1. I have been so blessed in the people God has put on my path. Our ‘cousins across the sea’ have become siblings to me. They have enriched my life, given me great joy, made me laugh, shared their thoughts. Sometimes life looks like a blurry picture of a forest; my dear friends have adjusted the lens and brought the world into sharp focus. The world looks better to me since knowing them.

    And then there’s this guy in South Carolina who is a delightful combination of Christian, scholar, music geek (wink!), and lover of B movies of the horror genre. But most of all, of a kind and gentle heart. Yeah. That guy.

    I have been so blessed.

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  2. Audre does indeed have a lot of friends in the UK. If anyone gets on her back on TCW, support usually arrives in an instant and if flirty Birtie ever witnessed it, he’d make sure her attacker was mocked mercilessly.

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    • If I could play the piano and that tune in particular, the last thing you’d see me do is then to extend my neck by 30 feet to chase unwelcome visitors away. She is just creepy.

      As I said, on Neo’s site yesterday, we completed the game recently and will be looking at going through again for the pickups – I never consider a game fully completed unless you’ve done it 100%. That’s why I’ve never fully completed GTAV – I’ve never managed all the spaceship parts and letter scraps pick ups and I’ll be damned if I’m going to cheat to do it. Cheating is not in my lexicon.

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  3. By the way, Audre, I know you like background music as much as we do. We tend to put this on at Halloween while we’re making preparations but we put it on when the days are gloomy and we’re holed up playing Scrabble, as we are at present. Anyway, we thought you might like to have this to bookmark.

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    • That’s brilliant. I’ll keep it handy for Halloween.

      You realize, of course, we could never play Scrabble together – too much difference in how we spell things, lol!

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      • Probably. I limit my Scrabble playing to just Tina because we like to play the proper rules – ie, using real words and not proper nouns or made up words, which is something the new rules apparently allow. It’s no wonder kids are growing up without the correct diction. Spell check on practically every device they use won’t help either.

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    • I hope you’re enjoying your gloomy day playing Scrabble with Tina, Ponty. It’s a bright, hot day here in South Carolina. I’ve made it back to my little house in Lamar and have the air-conditioning cranked down, and am waiting impatiently for the house to cool back down to an agreeable level.

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