Supporting Friends Friday: Audre Myers

I’ve been on a roll featuring blogger buddies on Supporting Friends Friday as of late, notably with my feature of photog last week.  If photog is my avuncular ally in the world of under-the-radar right-wing blogging, then today’s featured friend, Audre Myers of Nebraska Energy Observer, is probably the doting aunt who “likes” every post and almost always leaves some kind of feedback and encouragement on the blog.

She’s also brought new readers to my blog, such as 39 Pontiac Dreamer, whose comments this past week have really enlivened the blog (and inspired Wednesday’s post).  I’ve also noticed that since bringing 39PD to the blog’s comment sections, my page views have skyrocketed, thanks to the raucous back-and-forth between Audre, 39PD, Neo, and myself (feel free to join in, dear readers, and enjoy the fun!).

Audre’s encouragement and recommendations have shaped my own blog profoundly.  Many of the film reviews on the site over the past two months have been from Shudder, and Audre is to thank—she and a colleague both recommended the service heartily, and it’s become pretty much the only streaming content I consume besides YouTube videos.  Indeed, my review of The Man Who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot (2018) is a direct consequence of Audre mentioning the film!

More importantly, Audre is a skilled writer and thinker in her own right, though, not just a cheerleader and booster of my rambling scribblings.  She brings a warm, almost motherly perspective to the issues of the day, without descending into hyper-feminized sentimentality (something I am probably more likely to do than her, truth be told).  She employs literary and filmic allusions to highlight her points, making them easier to understand, without falling into the trap of the Harry Potter kids who use the popular book series as their entire frame of reference for understanding the world.

In short, Audre’s writing is fun, entertaining, and lively, while still retaining a sense of seriousness about the issues facing the world today.

I mostly know Audre from Nebraska Energy Observer, but she is also active at The Conservative Woman, where she has contributed pieces and comments, and All Along the Watchtower, the home of Anglican writer Jessica Hoff.  I’ll confess I largely know Audre’s work from NEO, but the fact that she contributes so widely is a testament to her passion for her craft.  In doing so, she’s also helped me to find some new favorite blogs and writers.

My understanding is that Audre self-published a book, which I did earlier this year.  I’ve been unable to locate it, but desperately like to purchase a copy, both to support my blogger friend, and because I know if Audre wrote it, it must be excellent.  Perhaps this post will prompt Audre to action (sorry, Audre, if you don’t want to be called out).

Of course, even if the book is no longer available, there is still plenty of Audre Myers out there to read.  Check out any of the sites I’ve mentioned in this post, and you’ll discover, too, the joy of reading her writing.

Thank you, Audre, for being a friend.


40 thoughts on “Supporting Friends Friday: Audre Myers

  1. Oh, my gosh, Port! You should be able to see the pink glow from my cheeks all the way up there in South Carolina! You’ve taken my blush to a higher level, my friend. LOL! I was conflicted – should I ‘like’ this article??? Seems less than humble to do so. I was shocked … but you touched my heart with your great kindness and gracious words. Thank you so much. Humbled.

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  2. Brilliant stuff, Tyler. Audre will appreciate that very much. 🙂

    We both tend to see Audre the same way in writing terms but in person, to me, she’s like the big little sister I always wanted. Though she’s 27 years my senior, I never see her that way. On TCW in particular, many commenters (including myself) feel very protective of our Audre. She exudes charm, vivaciousness, effervescence, and is one of the most interesting people I have the privilege to know. I very much hope that one day, my sainted lady (what Audre calls my fiancee, Tina) and I get to meet her in person.

    I’m glad you and Audre are getting to share reviews on Shudder but I’ll keep my own off this site. I’m very much a no-holds-barred reviewer and some of the language I use is not for sensitive ears. 🙂

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    • Gosh. Today has been a bigger surprise than flowers delivered to the door – and far more touching.

      All I can say is I am richly blessed; God has put some remarkable people in my path and given me the sense to appreciate them. I have found family on these sites – no blood relation but as important and meaningful in my life as if they were brothers and sisters. My life would be so much smaller and duller if not for all of you – or, as we say down south – y’all.

      Love you. Big hug.

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    • You are absolutely right, 39PD. Audre never comes across as a “little old lady,” but as a fun, lively, wise-beyond-her-years youngster.

      Please feel free to link to any of your reviews, Pontiac. I enjoyed the gaming review I read the other day, and I’m always happy to support other’s writing (as you can probably tell!).

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      • If I write a cleaner review, I’ll link it in. To be honest, I can’t remember much of the last review I did (for Dod Sno 1 & 2) but I remember it was biting. I’ll keep that from this site.

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      • Sounds good. I don’t mind you linking to colorful reviews, though. I’m sure my church lady readership would appreciate a warning about adult content and situations (and language), but, hey, surfer beware.

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  3. Apologies, by the way, for not posting on your excellent Britten article yesterday. The cricket was just too good to miss!

    My knowledge of classical music is sketchy at best but I do love it. My favourite composers are Prokofiev, Debussy and Wagner. I love the Ring Cycle in particular.

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    • No need to apologize, Pontiac! Glad you enjoyed the throwback post. I think we might do a second listening to Britten today in my Pre-AP Music Appreciation course. It might a good day to introduce him to the middle school kids, too.

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      • Nice to know your students are getting to listen to some proper music rather than rap and hip hop.

        As an aside, I’ve just sent a link to this site to 2 CW posters who I converse with off site. Hopefully, they come here and to Neo (I posted the link for that too).

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      • Thank you for sharing the blog, Pontiac! And thank you for your comments. It really helps the blog become more engaging and fun, and I love the feedback, links, etc.

        Yes, pretty much all students listen to in their free time is rap, hip-hop, and pop, with some country music (this is rural South Carolina, after all). The music they consume is so degenerate, it worries me what it might be doing to their souls. I love classic rock and heavy metal, but all those songs about hot babes definitely wormed their way into my psyche.

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  4. ‘Yes, pretty much all students listen to in their free time is rap, hip-hop, and pop, with some country music (this is rural South Carolina, after all). The music they consume is so degenerate, it worries me what it might be doing to their souls. I love classic rock and heavy metal, but all those songs about hot babes definitely wormed their way into my psyche.’

    To me, it’s just a 2 and a half decade long extension of Sir Mix-a-lot’s Baby Got Back. Which, incidentally, I liked. Not the new stuff though. 🙂

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  5. I couldn’t agree more about Audre, if she’s a gem diamonds do not exist. The second best thing I’ve done on NEO was asking her to write – the first was asking Jessica, and she became my dearest friend period full stop. But Audre is very close to that level.

    It’s good to see Ponty here, and he’s right, if you ever want to know how the Light Brigade felt attacking those guns, attack Audre on TCW, cannons to the left, nuclear weapons to the right, and the entire USMC and Royal Marines to the front of you, as a few overbold trolls have found out.

    It was good hearing Britten again, it’s been years. My taste runs to Wagner, Handel, and Jeremiah Clarke + Beethoven, and similar, + Sousa and Elgar, not to mention Sabaton, and the British Invasion pop/rock, and the 40s swing. Eclectic I call it, but none of the new trash.

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