Supporting Friends Friday: photog

After honoring Mogadishu Matt last Friday, I figured I should pay tribute to my staunchest blogging ally, the venerable photog, proprietor of Orion’s Cold Fire.

I discovered photog after he ran ads on The Drudge Report, back before Matt Drudge sold out to the Bidenistas (photog is now a WhatFinger News man).  I’m still blown away that he had the cash on hand to buy ads on Drudge, which I think he told me was the result of having money to burn on his hobby.  Hey, more power to you, photog.

photog gets his lower-cased, e. e. cummings-esque nom de plume from his love of photography.  If you’re a shutterbug, he writes a number of technical articles about various pieces of high-end camera equipment that he tests out.  If you’re like me and just want to see the pretty pictures, he has plenty of those, too.

In addition to photography, photog writes some hilarious and detailed reviews of everything from episodes of The Twilight Zone and Star Trek to classic movies, as well as science-fiction novels and country musicHe’s even written a review of a cheesy sci-fi flick for this blog.  My attempt at offering a little bit of something for every interest is inspired, in part, by his generalist approach to blogging.

But where photog really shines is his political commentary (I will hasten to add that his photography really is great; I hope he publishes a book of his nature photography soon).  He writes broadly on everything from the importance of family to Deep State perfidy to what conservatives should do in a world that wants us destroyed.  I often find myself agreeing with his conclusions.

photog and I largely fall into the same vague category politically:  conservative civic nationalists who also believe the old Buckleyite playbook of decorum and losing gracefully no longer works.  It’s kind of a lonely spot between the more typical Boomer cons and the more dire dissidents of the race realist persuasion:  we don’t buy into the biological determinism of the race realists, but we also aren’t optimistic about gilded promises of aging Reaganite triumphalism.  We don’t think all hope is lost, though, and believe a political solution to our current quagmire is possible, albeit improbable.

His blog makes for excellent reading all around, and his comment sections can be quite lively, with a motley crew of regulars who also occasionally guest post, like the grizzled War Pig and sensitive urban photographer The Fat Man (I actually don’t know if The Fat Man is sensitive or not, but it makes for better copy to say that he is).

Indeed, he even indulged my reviews of several Dokken albums, back before I was blogging daily.  Indeed, it is probably due to photog offering me the opportunity to contribute to his blog that I began blogging daily.  I churned out just enough posts of my own to realize that WordPress considers three days of posting in a row to be a “streak”—and now here I am approaching 1000 posts, and no telling how many words, written in the past few years.

So, check out photog’s website.  I promise it’s worth your time, and it might help him recoup some of his expenses from running those ads on Drudge.


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