Twilight Zone Reviews on Orion’s Cold Fire

Remember The Twilight Zone, those short, weird vignettes from the early days of television?  Every episode featured some bizarre, last-minute twist, usually delivered with plenty of over-acting and frantic hysterics.

Blogger photog at Orion’s Cold Fire has embarked on a lengthy mission:  to watch and review every episode of The Twilight Zone.  Put another way:  he watches so you don’t have to.

It’s great fun.  You can start reading the reviews here (as he uploads more, you may need to move back a page or two to get to the first one).  His review of the first episode is here.

There are 156 episodes (according to Wikipedia), and photog posts one review every evening (seven days a week, it appears), so he’ll be working on this well into 2019.


3 thoughts on “Twilight Zone Reviews on Orion’s Cold Fire

  1. […] “Twilight Zone Reviews on Orion’s Cold Fire” – My blogger buddy photog undertook a project in 2019 to watch and review every Twilight Zone episode.  He’d obtained the full box set, I believe, and set about his task, initially with daily reviews, which he then scaled back to a few times a week.  He’s now writing reviews of Shakespeare in Film, which I will confess I have not followed as closely, but is in the same spirit as his TWZ project. […]


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