Sunday Self-Indulgence

Today’s post is in the vein of self-indulgent updates about my personal life.  Blogging tends to involve some blending of the personal with the topical, as the whole format lends itself to opinion-based writing.  Obviously, my blog promotes my opinion and my worldview, backed up (hopefully) with facts and data, but still from my perspective.

This post will mark the thirty-fifth consecutive day of posting (yes, this is a “meta” post, of sorts, as I’m posting about posting).  I know this bit of information because WordPress tells me every morning how many days I’ve been on a streak.  Indeed, once I found out that WordPress congratulates you for keeping a streak going, it motivated me to post more.  I committed myself to keeping that streak going at least through 1 February 2019, which I have done.

In fact, one day I accidentally backdated a post to the previous day, and realized that, even after correcting it to the current day, WordPress wouldn’t acknowledge it toward my streak.  Fortunately, that was my 99th post, so I wrote my 100th post that night… to celebrate 100 all-time posts.

I had resumed updating this blog once Christmas Break began, and I found myself with ample time to write.  I intended to back off once school resumed, but the aforementioned “streak” counter kept motivating me to write more.  Unfortunately, writing daily is a difficult pace to maintain, and I may have to scale back to weekly or twice weekly posts.  My only fear there is that, once I do so, I’ll return to inconsistency.

Actually, writing 300-700 words a day is not that difficult.  What’s difficult is finding the motivation and time to do it amid everything else I have going.  I teach history and music full-time during the day, and currently have ten active private music lesson students.  I also adjunct teach online for a local technical college (lots of grading with that and my full-time gig).

On top of that, I’ve declared this year the “Year of the Panther,” and I’ve been trying to play out as much as possible.  I performed eight times in January.  That includes six open mics at three different venues in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina.  Open mics aren’t as intensive as full performances, but I still have to lug out the keyboard, practice a bit, etc.  The other two gigs involved traveling to other parts of South Carolina.

To be clear, I’m not complaining in the least about any of this:  I love this tempo, and performing my music live is a source of inspiration and energy for me, even when it’s exhausting.  I also love teaching lessons.

I’m merely stating that, given my workload and my desire to gig more, something’s got to give.  Unfortunately, it may be this blog.

That said, I will continue to try to put something out as often as possible.  I am bad about writing succinctly, but I may have to force myself to write shorter (200-300-word) posts.  There are some deeper topics I will dive into at some point (especially abortion—the “tl;dr” version:  “it’s evil”), but I’ll probably have to do more short-form posts and reblogs if I want to keep the streak alive.

All that said, thank you to my loyal readers for checking in daily and reading my material.  Your feedback and comments are always appreciated, as is your support.

Happy Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Self-Indulgence

  1. […] I am no great lover of animals, but I don’t dislike them, as long as they aren’t in my house.  I’ve grown more fond of cats and dogs as I’ve gotten older, though, and I’ve always liked fish, lizards, frogs, and the like.  I even wrote an entire digital EP about unicorns.  I even commissioned one of my former students—a true lover of animals—to do the artwork (I think I paid her $20—too little for the quality) for each song (here, here, here, and here), and my “tour” in 2019 I dubbed “The Year of the Panther.” […]


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