100th Post

A little late-night post, this being the 100th of this blog since relaunching on WordPress last summer (excluding the old Blogger archives):

Thanks to everyone for your continued support.  I’m attempting to get at least one post up every day, even something quick, like a reblog with some mild commentary (because everyone loves tertiary-level commentary on someone else’s commentary of a more famous pundit’s commentary on the actual news).  Arbitrary deadlines are marvelously effective at keeping up one’s productivity.

Leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to see more of in the future, and if you have any other recommendations for the blog.  All feedback is welcome.

God Bless,


4 thoughts on “100th Post

  1. […] It’s going to be a very quick post today.  While I’m enjoying an unexpectedly lengthy Winter Break—a perk of being a teacher, and why our complaints, while legitimate, should be taken with a grain of salt—I’m also quite busy outside of the mildly Dissident Right/”Alt-Lite” blogosphere.  I played a very fun solo gig last night at a coffee shop in my neck of South Carolina, and tonight I’ll be playing alto saxophone with an old-school, swingin’ big band.  I’m heading out for soundcheck and rehearsals for that soon, thus the quick post (gotta keep the streak alive!). […]


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