SubscribeStar Saturday: Concealed Weapons Permit Course

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Last Saturday my younger brother and I woke up very early to attend an all-day concealed weapons permit (CWP) course.  We’d both been meaning to get our CWP for some time, and he stumbled upon an instructor in his area on Next Door.  Wanting to knock it out before college football season begins, we decided it was the perfect time to learn to be certified killing machines.

In all seriousness, the course was extremely informative—and sobering.  Owning any firearm is a huge responsibility, as misuse of the weapon can result in injury and death—including to yourself!

I’d always understood that in the abstract, but taking the course and handling a firearm really drove that home.  Our instructor really pounded into us two things:  situational awareness and practice.

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7 thoughts on “SubscribeStar Saturday: Concealed Weapons Permit Course

    • Good for Tina! And good for the farmer. I’m trying to think if there is a way I can safely reinforce my shed’s back wall for target shooting. That’s the back of my property, and while there’s a good woodline between the shed and my neighbors on the next street, I don’t want any bullets zinging through their living rooms! It might just be easier to find a generous farmer like your friend Tina, and go plinking at his place.

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