Lazy Sunday CXXXVI: More Movies IX: Movie Reviews, Part IX

We’re just one week from Halloween, and it looks like some serendipitous timing for this next filmic installment of Lazy Sunday, as the three films this week are either horror films or “horror-adjacent” in nature.  It’s perhaps a bit of an underwhelming example of serendipity, as I now pretty much exclusively watch horror movies on Shudder, but these reviews were from my pre-Shudder days, when I was watching most stuff on Hulu.

Of course, you don’t care about all of that.  You just want to read about movie reviews you probably already skimmed through months ago.  So, on with the retrospective!

  • Monday Morning Movie Review: The Wailing (2016)” – Asian horror is really where all the fresh stuff in horror flicks is coming from these days, or so it seems.  Asians harbor way fewer hang-ups than we do about politically correct stuff, so they’ll make movies that aren’t just agit-prop for Cultural Marxism and Grievance Studies majors.  2016’s The Wailing was a pretty good example of this phenomenon of East Asian horror, but there are far better ones (like 2017’s One Cut of the Dead, a brilliant zombie film that is really a film-within-a-film about making a film).  Also, the movie is excruciatingly long, especially if guttural Korean wailing isn’t your thing.
  • Monday Morning Movie Review: Color Out of Space (2019)” – My blogger buddy photog over at Orion’s Cold Fire and I published our reviews of The Color Out of Space simultaneously.  You can read his screed against this cinematic butchering of the Lovecraft story here.  We both drew the same conclusions:  it was an insufferable movie, which was really unfortunate because of its Lovecraftian source material and the presence of Nicolas Cage.  Those two combined should make for an insane experience.  Instead, this movie felt like a chore to watch, and none of the characters came across as likeable or sympathetic.  What’s funny, too, is that when I subscribed to Shudder, they were making a big deal about having this film on the streaming service.
    Even Nicolas Cage was bad in this film, and that’s hard to write as a Nick Cage fan.  Here was my assessment from the original:
    “It’s like the uncanny valley:  at a certain point, robots, animatronics, etc., are so realistic, they’re unsettling.  The viewer can tell that something is off, despite the enhanced realism.  In Color, Cage gets so crazy it loses its impact; instead of creating the unsettled feeling one gets around a raving derelict at a late-night bus stop, one gets the unsettled feeling of seeing a robot trying to be life-like.  It’s an unsettling portrayal, to be sure, but not in the way the filmmakers intended.”
  • Monday Morning Movie Review: Life Like (2019)” – I watch so many movies, I forget about most of them, even the ones I review.  That was the case with Life Like.  It was a decent film with an intriguing premise, but the wife came off as completely ungrateful for the incredible life she literally had fall into her lap, resulting in a near affair with a not-quite-android.  Yeesh!  I ended my review thusly:  “As Proverbs 21:9 says, it is better to live on the roof of one’s house than with a riotous woman.  We could probably add “hunky robots” to that, too.”

Well, that’s it for this last film retrospective before Halloween.  Here’s to a spooky, fun week!

Happy Sunday!


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