Lazy Sunday CXL: More Movies, Part XI: Movie Reviews, Part XI

This Sunday’s collection of film retrospectives features a trio of darker and weirder fare, especially She’s Allergic to Cats (2016).  Perhaps the long Thanksgiving Break will give you an opportunity to watch a movie about a guy whose “true passion is making weird video art that nobody understands.”  ‘Tis the season… right?

With that, here are another three reviews for your delectation:

  • Monday Morning Movie Review: She’s Allergic to Cats (2016)” – This flick is described on thusly (and the description says it all):

    A lonely dog groomer in Hollywood searches for love, but his true passion is making weird video art that nobody understands. His menial routine spirals out of control when he meets the girl of his dreams, crossing boundaries between reality and fantasy as he dives deeper into his video experiments.

  • Monday Morning Movie Review: Near Dark (1987)” – What an excellent vampire movie!  Near Dark focuses on a relationship between a farm boy named Caleb and a strange girl called Mae.  Mae, of course, turns out to be a vampire, and ends up biting Caleb in his truck amid a frenzied, pre-dawn make-out session.  This bite transforms Caleb into a creature of the night, and as he runs—his body smoking in the harsh daylight—Mae’s cabal of white trash vampires snag Caleb, driving off with him.
  • Monday Morning Movie Review: Heathers (1989)” – Heathers was the writing debut of Daniel Walters, who (according to The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs) wanted to write a script that felt like a John Hughes film that Stanley Kubrick directed (Kubrick did not direct HeathersMichael Lehmann directed in his film debut).  Well, Walters achieved his goal—this is a very black satire on popularity, mass media, and high school power struggles.

Happy Sunday!


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2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday CXL: More Movies, Part XI: Movie Reviews, Part XI

  1. I like Near Dark. There’s something deeply organic about it, something you should find in more vampire films but you don’t see very often. It’s subtle too, not as hit-in-your-face as other films from the genre and I like how insular and withdrawn Caleb is. Movie trivia – the guy who plays Caleb (Adrian Pasdar) also plays Nathan Petrelli in the US series, Heroes.

    I imagine you’ll be onto Christmas films at some point soon. If Kathy/Margaret (TCW) let me, I’m planning to write my own reviews of B/C list Christmas flicks.

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