SubscribeStar Saturday: Rittenhouse Remains Free!

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It’s a Thanksgiving Miracle!—Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who expertly defended himself against a mob of Antifa rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was found not guilty on all of the spurious charges brought against him.  After days of agonizing deliberations, the jury—facing threats of doxing from radical activists and even MSNBC—held steady and delivered the only verdicts that made sense.

Readers of this blog will surely know the pertinent details already, but the prosecution’s case against Rittenhouse was not based on any factual evidence, but instead on a hyper-politicized Left seeking to strip a young man of his rights to self-defense.

The hypocrisy of the Left was on full display:  a group that views borders as “imaginary lines” on a map suddenly cared about Rittenhouse traveling twenty minutes “across State lines” to Kenosha, as if crossing that magical, imaginary line suddenly turned him into a bloodthirsty vigilante.

Pointing out the hypocrisy of the Left is useless, but here I think it is warranted:  it nearly cost a young man his life.  For defending himself—and Rittenhouse would have died that night had he not fought back—he was subjected to a politicized circus of a prosecution.

An important battle was won Friday afternoon.

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12 thoughts on “SubscribeStar Saturday: Rittenhouse Remains Free!

  1. Good news but I’d like him now to sue the media, who have painted him unfairly throughout, and Joe Biden who stands by his initial assertion that Rittenhouse is a white supremacist. Biden hasn’t got a leg to stand on with those claims and it’d be nice to see Rittenhouse take a few bob from Biden’s pocket.

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    • The white supremacist claim has no basis in evidence. Indeed, Rittenhouse’s saving grace might have been that the men he shot in self-defense were white. Even if they weren’t, there’s no evidence at all that he is a white supremacist, much less that he _acted_ out of white supremacist beliefs.

      Of course, we all know the game: anyone who loves “old, weird America”—as John Derbyshire puts it—and our constitutional rights, and just wants to live a quiet, peaceful, productive life is, these days, a white supremacist. It’s just another bludgeon with which to demonize us for being decent, God-fearing people.

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  2. I was mightily relieved by the Rittenhouse verdict but what unneccesary hell that poor boy and his family were put through. The leftists behaviour on this occasion (again) absolutely disgusted me along with their supporters in the government and elsewhere whose lies and dissembling laid bare their total lack of any principles or morals. I hope Rittenhouse sues the arse off the worst offenders and I wish him all success in the future with whatever he chooses to do with his life. Amen.

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      • The pressure on Rittenhouse was immense. He must be made of tungsten to have withstood it without a complete mental breakdown. To watch him shaking yesterday when the verdict was announced was uttrely heart breaking.

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      • He is certainly made of sterner stuff. Not to make light of his anguish, but I imagine his dating prospects will be limitless after all of this. He is truly a man, in the fullest, noblest sense of the word. It’s just a shame he had to grow up so quickly.


    • Another thought: what a sense of overwhelming relief he must have felt! The video of the jury reading the verdicts says it all: a young man breaking down into tears and crumpling into a heap of relief and emotional exhaustion. Poor kid.

      Also, one has to wonder what this whole rigmarole will mean for his future. Rest assured there will be Leftie colleges and corporations that would never hire him. On the other hand, he’s become a folk hero on the Right. If we look after our own, he should be fine, and might enjoy several lucrative opportunities. He strikes me as the type, though, who doesn’t want all the publicity and just wants to work an honest job for a honest wage.

      We shall see. Rittenhouse still needs our prayers, perhaps now more than ever.

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  3. Tyler, even as of yesterday the online British publication The Independent a leftie pile of steaming you know what was reporting that the men shot by Rittenhouse were black. A journalist friend of mine is thinking of making a complaint to The Press Complaints Commission about it. They had a year to get that fact straight but still lied.

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    • I just watched a Tucker Calrson excerpt where the mainstream media have been saying that the riot in which Rittenhouse was caught up in came off the back of the murder of Jacob Blake. Erm, the guy isn’t dead. They’re still saying he was killed despite the fact that he’s as alive as you or I.

      I don’t know why but I get the feeling the left will go after Rittenhouse now. I hope not but if that young lad is killed, America will finally have its civil war.

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      • Yeah, Ponty, they’re saying he was unarmed as well. Another blatant lie, He had a knife, which you blokes would no doubt call a machete. It looked to me like a punk knife but it still would hurt. By the way, that came from an official national Dem account. Two lies in two sentences, a purely average performance.

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