Supporting Friends Friday: Audre’s New Blog

In hindsight, it seems inevitable, but somehow, Audre Myers went all this time writing without a blog of her own.  She’s long been a contributor to Nebraska Energy Observer and the comment sections of The Conservative Woman (and this blog), but to my knowledge, she never hosted a blog of her own.

Well, that’s all changed.  This past weekend she launched her own blog, Words on the Word.  It’s a Biblical commentary blog in which Audre posts a section of Scripture and provides her analysis of it, and how it pertains to our lives.

As Audre puts it:  “The plan is, I’ll write my thoughts as they pertain to the day’s New Testament reading for Morning Prayer.”

What a great premise for a daily blog.  For someone who already writes as much as Audre, it’s also an easy enough concept to pursue daily:  read the morning Scriptures, meditate upon them, and write a short commentary on them.

It appears that Audre is posting daily, so while there are just a few posts now, she’ll soon have a respectable back catalog of posts on the blog, just as she does at Nebraska Energy Observer.

I’ll hope you join me in wishing Audre the best of luck with her new endeavor.  Take a moment, too, to follow Words on the Word.


30 thoughts on “Supporting Friends Friday: Audre’s New Blog

  1. Bless you for your kind heart. I’m still trying to get the hang of operating within the bowels of WordPress, lol. I replied to you when I got the notification that you’d mentioned Words on the Word but I’m not certain it went through so I hope you won’t mind getting thanked twice, lol.

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  2. I do indeed and I have already shared her blog with fellow Christian conservatives.

    Audre is a very versatile writer, as anyone who has read her many pieces knows, and I wish her nothing but success in this latest venture. With hope, the Bible study she already partakes in offline can translate to her pages. 🙂

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    • While the Bible studies in which Audre participates are indeed important and the class I sit in alongside her is most enjoyable and enlightening, she has more than enough wisdom of her own acquired over many years to teach all of us a thing or two.

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      • Whoa! I’m no brighter than I ought to be and there are many – MANY – a whole lot smarter than I am. I’m just a little person working out my salvation with fear and trembling.

        But you touch my heart with your kindness.

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      • Tina and I did a Bible study, of sorts, the other day – a pre engagement, if you will, over a glass of wine. If Bible study proper is as involving as that, I’ll love it when I do eventually start and conversations here, at Neo and on Words from the Word will be no bad thing. 🙂

        Off topic but I just got an email from a ‘fan’ – he thought I was Mike Yeadon! Crikey, talk about poles apart! 🙂

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  3. Once I said about my past (and perhaps future, who knows?) co-blogger Jessica that her gift was she could take complex subjects, and make them comprehensible to third-graders without speaking down to the third-grader, I stand by that because it was true, but I also say this, Audre is at least her equal at it, and perhaps even better. In fact, she’s so good that even a Neo can figure out what she’s saying. It’s a gift and we’re lucky that she shares her thinking with us.

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  4. ‘Perhaps a reader poll would clarify the situation: Audre or Jess? Go!’

    Audre. I don’t know Jess. I’ve read an occasional article of hers on Neo and she is certainly well versed but my bias will always take me to Audre, who is massively versatile.

    Sorry to put the cat amongst the pigeons but you know that if anyone is going to do it, it’ll be me! 🙂

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    • Trouble maker! (wink) Here’s the difference; Jess is right up there, intellectually, with Neo, John Charmly, Scoop – the best and the brightest. I’m right up there with Sesame Street; not a big thinker. But there’s room for both of us.

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    • Well, it’s one 1 for Audre, 0 for Jess. Or perhaps 2 for Audre, 1 for Jess, if we take Neo’s comment as a vote for each. In that case, though, does that mean you get to cast two votes as well? In that case, would it then be Audre 3, Jess 1?

      Regardless, it seems that your willingness to breach etiquette and boldly state your preference has breathed life into my humorous poll. Let the games begin!


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