Lazy Sunday CLVIII: Ponty’s Posts, Part II

This Lazy Sunday I’m wrapping up a two-Sunday retrospective of the works of Michael Fahey/39 Pontiac Dream/Always a Kid for Today, or “Ponty” for short.  After his early photographic submissions, Ponty branched out into the world of reviews.  This weekend, it’s my pleasure to feature three of them:

Happy Sunday!


Other Lazy Sunday Installments:


3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday CLVIII: Ponty’s Posts, Part II

  1. Cheers Port. 🙂

    I’ll write about anything that interests me. I wrote a bunch of movie reviews when at university but only kickstarted them again last year.

    The novel is the big one. Tina gave me some good advice on my troubles with it the other day so I think I’m ready to restart. Still, the odd review every now and then is a good break from it so I’ll send what I can when I have it.

    Hope you enjoyed the wedding yesterday. 🙂

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    • I am always eager to publish anything you write about. Chances are, there is an audience for it—so write away! Even if there isn’t, I always appreciate the opportunity to read and showcase another writer’s work.

      Glad Tina is helping you with your novel! If you’d ever like to publish it in a serialized form here, you’re welcome to do so, though you might prefer doing that on a blog of your own.

      Regardless, your work is always welcome here.


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