Lazy Sunday CLVII: Ponty’s Posts, Part I

I dedicated the most recent installment of Supporting Friends Friday to my English buddy and semi-regular contributor Michael Fahey, better known to readers here as 39 Pontiac Dream or, more recently, Always a Kid for Today.  I still prefer to call him “Ponty,” and and that’s what I’m sticking to for the next two Sundays of Ponty’s Posts.

In looking back at Ponty’s contributions to the blog, there’s a great variety since his first submission on 1 September 2021 (“The Seasons in England“): photographs, movie reviews, and even a review of an entire video game publisher.

The posts this Lazy Sunday consist of his first three submissions, all of which are photographic in nature.  I hope you enjoy revisiting these pictures as much as I have:

  • The Seasons in England” – These charming photographs of England were a welcome respite from the South Carolina heat!
  • Halloween in England” – Americans took Halloween and made it into an awesome holiday (thanks to our Irish immigrants).  Now we’ve exported yet another commercialized bit of sugar-coated fun to our Anglo brethren.  Ponty repaid the favor with pictures of his and Tina’s Jack O’Lanterns, and their Halloween decorations in general.  Glad to see Halloween spreading its spooky tendrils around the globe!
  • English Sunrise” – Some gorgeous sunrise shots care of Ponty.  I believe he contributed these photographs because we’d been talking about how morning is such a great time to get things done.  And, besides—what beats a sunset?

That’s all for this week.  Stay tuned for Part II of Ponty’s Posts next Lazy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!


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2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday CLVII: Ponty’s Posts, Part I

  1. Cheers, Port. 🙂

    I’ve just sent you some pictures of our stroll around Blakeney (North Norfolk Coast) on Friday. As promised, I’ll take some more, of Blakeney, Holkham and the surrounding areas, when it starts getting warmer. Trust me when I say, it was colder than you’d think, from looking at the photographs.

    As for movie and game reviews, I have a few in mind so I’ll send you those as and when I write them. I think the next one I send will be my review of the remake of Resident Evil which, in my opinion, is the best of all of them. Stiff competition. The original was great but the remake didn’t lose any of the charm or horror. In fact, it added to it. Resident Evil Zero was great too and I’ll probably do a write up of that soon.

    There are a few gamers on TCW so I’ll probably link them into this site if you publish them. One day, I’ll rope some of them into commenting here too. We could do with some more engagement under the line. 🙂

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    • Thanks for the pictures, Ponty! I can get them scheduled for this week, probably Tuesday. I’m a tad under the weather, so that will save me a little additional effort. And I love your photography!

      Looking forward to the _Resident Evil_ review. I’ve never played any of those games, but I really want to do so.

      Thanks again for linking folks from TCW my way. It really does help with traffic, and I love new people reading and commenting on the blog. That’s how you became a contributor! More comments are always welcome, too.

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