Bull Terrier Tuesday: Balody Bull Terrier Build

Regular readers know of my boyish love for LEGO sets of any kind, and that I’ve been building more and more of them over the past year.  Those same readers will know of my dog, Murphy, an eight-year old female bull terrier that I adopted last summer from The Bull Terrier Rescue Mission.

Apparently, there exists a bull terrier building set from Balody, an Asian (probably Chinese) company that makes a LEGO knock-off, with a twist:  the pieces are extremely tiny.  Indeed, they’re called “micro building blocks” on Amazon.

That’s where the inscrutable East gets that much more inscrutable:  on Amazon, the company selling this set is called “Larcele.”  I can only assume it’s a classy French rebranding to make the toy sound more European (LEGO is Danish).  There’s also a site called mylozblocks.com that sells the sets.

I can’t find anything about Balody or Larcele online, other than the latter’s Amazon page.  If any toy enthusiasts are reading this blog and can weight in, I’d appreciate it.  Granted, I spent a grand total of maybe seven minutes searching the web, so who knows what I missed.

Regardless, a new lady friend gifted me this Balody/Larcelle bull terrier set for Easter, an incredibly thoughtful gift.  It was also incredibly difficult to build, despite the box boasting a difficulty level of three out of five blocks (whatever that means).

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Ponty’s Pics: Blakeney and the Morston Marshes

It seems that flattery motivates contributors, at least 39 Pontiac Dream/Always a Kid for Today/Mike Fahey, who has sent along some lovely photographs of a recent trip he and his significant other took to Blakeney and the Morston Marshes, both places with distinctly British names.

I won’t offer much more by way of preamble, and instead have included the body of Ponty’s e-mail to me, which explains a bit more about the pictures in detail.

They remind me a great deal of the salt marshes around Beaufort, South Carolina, and the outlying barrier islands on the way to Fripp Island.

But enough from me.  Here’s Ponty:

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Lazy Sunday CLVII: Ponty’s Posts, Part I

I dedicated the most recent installment of Supporting Friends Friday to my English buddy and semi-regular contributor Michael Fahey, better known to readers here as 39 Pontiac Dream or, more recently, Always a Kid for Today.  I still prefer to call him “Ponty,” and and that’s what I’m sticking to for the next two Sundays of Ponty’s Posts.

In looking back at Ponty’s contributions to the blog, there’s a great variety since his first submission on 1 September 2021 (“The Seasons in England“): photographs, movie reviews, and even a review of an entire video game publisher.

The posts this Lazy Sunday consist of his first three submissions, all of which are photographic in nature.  I hope you enjoy revisiting these pictures as much as I have:

  • The Seasons in England” – These charming photographs of England were a welcome respite from the South Carolina heat!
  • Halloween in England” – Americans took Halloween and made it into an awesome holiday (thanks to our Irish immigrants).  Now we’ve exported yet another commercialized bit of sugar-coated fun to our Anglo brethren.  Ponty repaid the favor with pictures of his and Tina’s Jack O’Lanterns, and their Halloween decorations in general.  Glad to see Halloween spreading its spooky tendrils around the globe!
  • English Sunrise” – Some gorgeous sunrise shots care of Ponty.  I believe he contributed these photographs because we’d been talking about how morning is such a great time to get things done.  And, besides—what beats a sunset?

That’s all for this week.  Stay tuned for Part II of Ponty’s Posts next Lazy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!


Other Lazy Sunday Installments:

English Sunrise

My good online friend and photographic contributor 39 Pontiac Dreamer has sent in some lovely pictures of an English sunrise.  To my discredit, he e-mailed me these photographs two months ago, and I am only now finding the time to post them, after repeated apologies, delays, equivocations, and plain excuses.

It’s been so long now, it escapes me what the genesis of these pictures were.  I believe Ponty and I were carrying on a conversation in the comment section of a post about rising early in the morning, and that it’s the best time to get work done.

Regardless, here are some gorgeous photographs of a hazy English morning, just as the mighty sun peeks itself over the horizon:

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Halloween in England

Good ol’ 39 Pontiac Dreamer, one of my regular readers, is as big a fan of Halloween as I am.  To that end, he e-mailed me a TON of Halloween pictures over the weekend, including his and his wife’s Jack O’Lanterns.  He says hers is the more elaborate one, while he goes for a simpler, more classic approach (like me).

Per Ponty:

We had a few trick or treaters over the evening but, thankfully, not at a crucial point in any of our films…. The films in the pictures by the way are Ringu and the Romero classic Dawn of the Dead.

Ponty also sent me some excellent photographs of an English sunrise—in September!  I’ve been so slammed, I keep forgetting to upload them.  Look for those next Tuesday.

For now, here are the pictures of Ponty’s British Halloween:

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