Ponty’s Pics: Blakeney and the Morston Marshes

It seems that flattery motivates contributors, at least 39 Pontiac Dream/Always a Kid for Today/Mike Fahey, who has sent along some lovely photographs of a recent trip he and his significant other took to Blakeney and the Morston Marshes, both places with distinctly British names.

I won’t offer much more by way of preamble, and instead have included the body of Ponty’s e-mail to me, which explains a bit more about the pictures in detail.

They remind me a great deal of the salt marshes around Beaufort, South Carolina, and the outlying barrier islands on the way to Fripp Island.

But enough from me.  Here’s Ponty:

Hiya Tyler,

As promised, below are some of the pictures I took of our walk on Friday.

You might remember that I said we were going to Holkham Nature Reserve? Well, that didn’t quite pan out. As we were about to enter the last stretch, we found that the road had been closed. Turning around, I went around another route and found that road had been closed. Not knowing the area well enough and having exhausted our fuel consumption due to some really bad driving, I turned the car around, essentially because I had no idea how long the diversion would be. When we returned home, I checked and berated myself – it was only a few minutes long! D’oh! Well, better to be safe than sorry.

Anyway, we decided not to stay in Wells-Next-The Sea because it was too packed. Even on a sunny though cold Spring afternoon, visitors were piling in in their droves, so we continued, eventually stopping at a village on the North Norfolk coast called Blakeney. After parking up and popping for a quick pint/toilet break, we started walking around the North Norfolk Circular and Morston Marshes, a vast and very open path taking in, for the most part, wide open skies and loads of creeks, ponds, dunes, and deserted, cast off boat wrecks. We only walked around half of it before heading back, due, in part, to being nagged like billy ho by Tina – ‘my ears are cold, it’s freezing, I hate walking!’ I tell you, my ears were hurting when we got back to the car and it had nothing to do with the cold! 🙂

I apologise that some of these pictures – who am I kidding, most of these pictures! – are from a distance but when the mood arises, we’ll go back there and I’ll get a much better collection. Holkham too – that has a lovely stretch of coast.




22 thoughts on “Ponty’s Pics: Blakeney and the Morston Marshes

    • No. There are a few Wells across the country. The Wells in Somerset isn’t too far away from the West coast but the one in Norfolk sits in a bubble of gorgeous countryside and wide beaches.

      There are a lot of decent walks on the North East coast. Well worth visiting.

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    • Wells, Somerset where I live is a very long and tedious drive from Wells-Next-The-Sea Audre. Our bit of coastline alongside the Bristol Channel is unspectacular unlike the Norfolk coast as shown in Mike’s pictures. Those sweeping vistas are gorgeous. I would enjoy seeing that. Near the top of my list of places to visit in Britain which I have never seen (which is nearly everywhere) is Aldeburgh in Suffolk – the county adjacent to Norfolk – onetime home of composer Benjamin Britten and his lover, the singer Peter Pears. Again, a coastline very different from that of both my adopted home in Somerset but also from my REAL home, Wales.

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  1. Flattery (chuckle). 🙂

    I’m glad TCW’s resident pest, Telemachus, doesn’t visit this site. He already thinks I’m all ego. 🙂

    Cheers for putting these up, Port. I’ll send more as and when I can.

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    • Telemachus, you say? I’d love to see some more controversy in the comments section. What good is a blog without backbiting and bitter recriminations?

      Or we could continue with our usual pleasant discourse and sharing of YouTube links.

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      • You don’t want Telly. Some reasoned disagreement is always welcome, but that has nothing to do with him/her/it, he’s all about supercilious arrogance hiding stupidity.

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      • Ditto Neo.

        Disagreement can be good, yes, but with tele, you’ll get more than you bargained for. This is a guy who thinks that Stalinism was a good thing and should be repeated. Some of his comments are abhorrent. He’s a clickbait specialist. I blocked him months ago.

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      • “This is a guy who thinks that Stalinism was a good thing and should be repeated.” Wow. That tells you everything you need to know right there.

        If he pops up here, I’ll block him.


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