Supporting Friends Friday: Michael Fahey

The subject of this week’s Supporting Friends Friday is long overdue for some recognition:  writer and mental health carer Michael Fahey.

Regular readers will recognize Michael by one or two different names:  either 39 Pontiac Dream or Always a Kid for Today.  He’s a frequent commenter on this blog, and an increasingly frequent contributor.

Michael also writes extensively at the British conservative blog The Conservative Woman (TCW for short).  That blog is a bit more focused on politics, with an overwhelming focus, at least in recent years, on The Virus.  His writing there is quite good, and it’s not all politics and highway codes that he writes about:  he wrote a great piece about the appeal of what in America would think of as Hallmark Channel Christmas movies.

Michael’s writing is fun, and probably falls under the category “invective”—he’s a first-class wit with a good streak of cheeky, boyish charm, much like an English version of yours portly.  But TCW doesn’t publish everything he submits.

That’s when he comes to The Portly Politico.  I’ll publish the fun video game and film reviews the stuffy aristocrats at TCW won’t touch with a two-meter pole.  I always welcome Michael’s contributions, which started as short photo essays of his beloved England.

He’s a good chap who likes Halloween almost as much as I do.  He’s also a good friend, supporter, and contributor.  He’s even getting his wife in on the submissions, with a long-promised review of a challenging platformer coming soon-ish.

Thanks for everything, Mike!


9 thoughts on “Supporting Friends Friday: Michael Fahey

  1. You couldn’t ask for a better contributor. Michael is consumately English, just check out irony and sarcasm in his articles. The English do that best – they can insult you so nicely you’ll never know it happened. LOL! Seriously though … 39 Pontiac Dream and his sainted lady were a couple of my very first friends on TCW and he and Tina have opened the door of their hearts to let this crazy lady in. May they always be many times blessed.

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    • Of all the people we’ve met since the start of our online adventures, you are by far our favourite. You, Neo, Tyler, and Scoop are honorary English folk to us though from our perspective, it’s still good to read your stuff and enjoy them as American pieces/friends we can journey to. We’ve managed to meet some online people already (hopefully more with restart of TCW events) but, crikey, wouldn’t it be fun one day if all of us here could meet?

      As you know, Audre, I’m not big on over familiarity but I would give you a hug! That is, if you allowed it, of course. 🙂

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  2. …I’m touched, mate. 🙂

    Tina is not yet my wife. There are reasons for that but fingers crossed, it won’t be too long before we saunter down the aisle; Tina looking radiant and me? Well, hopefully, Tina won’t be marrying a beach ball! 🙂

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    • My pleasure, dude. I’ve been meaning to feature you for awhile. Glad I could get around to it.

      Understood: re: Tina. We’ll just say she’s your “common law” wife—ha! Not sure if y’all have that in England, but it certainly exists here in the United States, especially in the South.

      Beach ball or no, you’re a good man. I’m glad you and Tina have each other.

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  3. Port – “Audre is a gem …” As in something that needs to be dug up? The book/movie Pet Cemetery should have taught you something about that …

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