English Sunrise

My good online friend and photographic contributor 39 Pontiac Dreamer has sent in some lovely pictures of an English sunrise.  To my discredit, he e-mailed me these photographs two months ago, and I am only now finding the time to post them, after repeated apologies, delays, equivocations, and plain excuses.

It’s been so long now, it escapes me what the genesis of these pictures were.  I believe Ponty and I were carrying on a conversation in the comment section of a post about rising early in the morning, and that it’s the best time to get work done.

Regardless, here are some gorgeous photographs of a hazy English morning, just as the mighty sun peeks itself over the horizon:

Is there anything lovelier than a sunrise?  Perhaps—a sunset.

Happy Tuesday!



7 thoughts on “English Sunrise

  1. Loveliest of all to my mind is a frosty morning with bare branches and lacy cobwebs hanging from them alongside red berries of hawthorn and holly before the birds strip them. I am also very partial to snow which can render the ugliest landscape into a thing of beauty, and even better than the purity of the snow is the silence that comes with it.

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    • “Being in love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Except that it means you’re constantly saying you’re sorry—if you’re a man!

      Haha, thanks for your kindness, and your contributions. It helped me get a blog post up today without too much effort, either, which was good, considering I was in Mississippi all weekend.

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