Lazy Sunday CXLVII: More Movies, Part XIV: Movie Reviews, Part XIV

It’s another Lazy Sunday and I’m at a loss for a theme, so how about looking back at some more movie reviews?

Even with writing a review a week, I’m beginning to catch up to the present when it comes to these Lazy Sunday retrospectives.  As such, the day is coming where I won’t be able to rely on this “out” to avoid a modicum of creative thinking.

But that’s Future Port’s problem.  Here are three reviews from October 2021:

  • Monday Morning Movie Review: Lifeforce (1985)” – Outer space energy vampires invade London in the 1980s.  What’s not to love?  I really enjoyed this movie, with its great practical effects and its outrageous premise.  But the premise works.
  • Monday Morning Movie Review: In the Earth (2021)” – In my review for this odd film, I noted that I would not recommend it to the vast majority of viewers.  I still wouldn’t recommend it, but I really enjoyed it.  The first half is much stronger than the psychedelic second half, as you’re trying to figure out what is going on in the world the filmmakers have created.
  • Monday Morning Movie Review: House (1986) and House II: The Second Story (1987)” – I really enjoyed these horror-comedies, especially House, and admire their creature effects.  Regular reader Audre Myers watched them on my recommendation and hated them.  Well, there’s no accounting for taste, especially when my tastes run so low-brow.

Well, that’s it for this Sunday!  Enjoy some tasteless viewing of your own this weekend.

Happy Sunday!


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17 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday CXLVII: More Movies, Part XIV: Movie Reviews, Part XIV

  1. Take it from someone who’s been running a blog for just under 14.5 years, keeping up with regular, themed posts is hard and there are going to be times when it just doesn’t really happen or happens only in a technical, pro forma manner. Never sweat it.

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    • Thanks, jonolan. Yeah, there have already been a few times I’ve had to skip “Monday Morning Movie Reviews,” for example. The beauty of “Lazy Sunday” is that I can, well, be lazy with it—it’s actually meant to be a post that’s EASY to put together, so I don’t have to spend as much time on it.

      Thanks again for your wisdom. I’m learning more and more that it’s okay if every post isn’t perfect (not that mine ever are—ha!).

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  2. Afternoon, Tyler. Hope you (and everyone else) are enjoying your lazy Sunday.

    I’m pretty excited at the prospect of Tina’s review for Abe Soulstorm. Finally, she’s found a game as evil as her gameplaying ability can provide! As I’ve mentioned in the past, the type of levels Tina creates on the TT games are pretty nasty and I’ve always said that if she could create a strategy/puzzle game, it would be just as evil. Well, the good people of Oddworld haven’t disappointed and while Tina is pulling her hair out, she’s really loving this game. It’ll be interesting to see what she puts together.

    Liked by 2 people

    • That’s awesome! I’m glad she’s going to contribute something. Indeed, she will likely be the first female contributor to the site. I will finally be able to claim that we embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion here at TPP. Since she’s also a foreigner, maybe I’ll qualify for some government grants, too. Please tell me Tina is a differently-abled, neurodivergent, neopagan-Muslim of color; I’d probably get a few million a year for that!

      Haha, but in all seriousness, I love that she’s writing that review. I’d love to play some of the levels she comes up with. You should get her a Nintendo Switch and Mario Maker 2; she’d have a blast with that!

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      • It’s an idea! 🙂

        Tina is a fantastic writer (much better than I am) so whatever you get will be great.

        I should add, by the way, that the donation coming your way soon and any future donations come from both of us. Though she hasn’t yet posted or contributed, she does plan to.

        And no, unfortunately she’s a 5’10 blonde, Caucasian beauty of Perfection. Just the way I like her! 🙂

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      • I can’t wait to read it! And thank you and Tina in advance for your support, your contributions, and your friendship.

        There’s no “unfortunately” about being a 5’10” blonde. And she likes video games? You hit the jackpot, dude!

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  3. She likes punk and metal, and all types of games, not only video games. You’re, I think, the 4th person to tell me I hit the jackpot with Tina and trust me when I say, I remember that every day I wake up! Cheers dude. 🙂

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