TBT: Supporting Friends Friday: Audre Myers

A little Welsh birdie told me that today our dear Audre Myers is turning twenty-nine for the forty-first time.  Therefore, in lieu of my originally planned TBT—which will appear next Thursday—I’ve done what any decent blogger would do and hastily and have revived this classic post about Audre, one of the most popular posts of 2021.

As far as I can tell, this will be the first edition of Supporting Friends Friday to enjoy the TBT treatment.  Who more fitting to receive such a dubious honor than Audre?  Audre’s been a constant source of encouragement, amusement, and inspiration, and is one of those folks who keeps me writing.

So, before I get overly mushy, here is 27 August 2021’s “Supporting Friends Friday: Audre Myers“:

I’ve been on a roll featuring blogger buddies on Supporting Friends Friday as of late, notably with my feature of photog last week.  If photog is my avuncular ally in the world of under-the-radar right-wing blogging, then today’s featured friend, Audre Myers of Nebraska Energy Observer, is probably the doting aunt who “likes” every post and almost always leaves some kind of feedback and encouragement on the blog.

She’s also brought new readers to my blog, such as 39 Pontiac Dreamer, whose comments this past week have really enlivened the blog (and inspired Wednesday’s post).  I’ve also noticed that since bringing 39PD to the blog’s comment sections, my page views have skyrocketed, thanks to the raucous back-and-forth between Audre, 39PD, Neo, and myself (feel free to join in, dear readers, and enjoy the fun!).

Audre’s encouragement and recommendations have shaped my own blog profoundly.  Many of the film reviews on the site over the past two months have been from Shudder, and Audre is to thank—she and a colleague both recommended the service heartily, and it’s become pretty much the only streaming content I consume besides YouTube videos.  Indeed, my review of The Man Who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot (2018) is a direct consequence of Audre mentioning the film!

More importantly, Audre is a skilled writer and thinker in her own right, though, not just a cheerleader and booster of my rambling scribblings.  She brings a warm, almost motherly perspective to the issues of the day, without descending into hyper-feminized sentimentality (something I am probably more likely to do than her, truth be told).  She employs literary and filmic allusions to highlight her points, making them easier to understand, without falling into the trap of the Harry Potter kids who use the popular book series as their entire frame of reference for understanding the world.

In short, Audre’s writing is fun, entertaining, and lively, while still retaining a sense of seriousness about the issues facing the world today.

I mostly know Audre from Nebraska Energy Observer, but she is also active at The Conservative Woman, where she has contributed pieces and comments, and All Along the Watchtower, the home of Anglican writer Jessica Hoff.  I’ll confess I largely know Audre’s work from NEO, but the fact that she contributes so widely is a testament to her passion for her craft.  In doing so, she’s also helped me to find some new favorite blogs and writers.

My understanding is that Audre self-published a book, which I did earlier this year.  I’ve been unable to locate it, but desperately like to purchase a copy, both to support my blogger friend, and because I know if Audre wrote it, it must be excellent.  Perhaps this post will prompt Audre to action (sorry, Audre, if you don’t want to be called out).

Of course, even if the book is no longer available, there is still plenty of Audre Myers out there to read.  Check out any of the sites I’ve mentioned in this post, and you’ll discover, too, the joy of reading her writing.

Thank you, Audre, for being a friend.


22 thoughts on “TBT: Supporting Friends Friday: Audre Myers

  1. Tyler, since you write the original blog about our Audre and her excellent writing she has of course started her own daily blog, the very cleverly named Words On The Word, which does exactly as it states with a daily Bible reading and some wise words underneath to explain to those of us not quite (ahem) as knowledgeable in that department what those words mean and/or represent. The depth of Audre’s thinking never ceases to amaze me as does her humanity, her kindness and her unfailing generosity. We love you Audre!

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  2. I add my own praise to Audre and wish her a very happy birthday. Hopefully, Lon treats her to a slap up meal and some good wine. 🙂

    Might not be the right day for it but in reference to yesterday’s conversations, I really hate this article, Tyler. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  3. You know the old adage – “Telephone, telegram, tellawoman”. Amazing how Welsh people get around, isn’t it?

    In other news – If I were half as good as you say I am, I’d be rich. Or famous. Or both. I’m not and I’m neither, lol! But I am blessed in people I know and hold dear. You are one of them. Thank you, Port.

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