Lazy Sunday CLXXIII: Thanksgiving Week Posts

Gobble, gobble, dear readers!  Thanksgiving Week is coming to an end, but we can still look back at the food and fun of the expired week.  Here’s one last, longing, wistful look back at the unlimited freedom of this glorious week:

  • Thanksgiving Week!” – The original post celebrating this week, I wrote about the slow erosion of any real work getting done during the week, and wondered if we might see the day when schools would get an entire week off for Thanksgiving.  That turned out to be a prophetic musing.
  • Memorable Monday: Thanksgiving Week!” – 2020 still saw a two-day work “week,” but it’s also the first year I embraced the spirit of gluttonous laziness that I now associate with the week of Thanksgiving, a time of merriment and frivolity.
  • Retro Tuesday: Thanksgiving Week!” – In 2021, it finally happened—the El Dorado of Thanksgiving Breaks was upon us, with an entire week off.  As I had predicted, families were taking advantage of the week off to skip town even earlier, with some students leaving out Wednesday—a full eight days before Thanksgiving itself.  Yikes!  Give a week, take a mile—or two.
  • Memorable Monday^2: Thanksgiving Week!” – Now in 2022, we’re all growing more accustomed to the novelty of a full week of Thanksgiving merriment.  I didn’t notice nearly as many early truants this year, so maybe folks are tempering their expectations and realizing that one full week is plenty of time to get to wherever you need to be on Thanksgiving.  I mean, with this much time, you can get to Australia and back!

Here’s hoping those food comas are wearing off and you’re ready to get back to the grind.

Happy Sunday!


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4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday CLXXIII: Thanksgiving Week Posts

  1. Thanksgiving must be a pain for the American waistline.

    You have Halloween. Then you have Thanksgiving. Then you have Christmas and only a few short months later, it’s Easter. That’s a lot of grub.

    If we had Thanksgiving in this country, I’d turn from beach ball to the giant peach in weeks! A phew moment from this side of the pond. 🙂

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    • It’s a brutal but delicious gauntlet, my friend. I am still stuffed, not just from Thanksgiving, but from all the large family meals that came after it. Christmas will be similarly intense—and flavorful.

      I’ll have to get back on the straight-and-narrow in January.

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      • Yeah, I’m going for the New Year, though probably February – we have Tina’s birthday in January and since she’s going to be 21 again, we’ll party hard! She hates her birthday being in January – what she calls the most depressing month of the year – so I try to make her birthday’s special. That is, special as in memorable, not special ed like me! :-)))))

        Anyway, we have a pre Christmas meal with TCW lot in a fortnight. They’re always fun.

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