Lazy Sunday CLVIII: School, Part II

Well, the first day of school is coming up on Wednesday, which is appropriate:  all of this weekend’s posts are about that halcyon first day (or week!) of school:

  • First Day of School in The Age of The Virus” – I was really dreading this school year, and this post might reflect that somewhat.  We had to implement a lot of crazy new measures to accommodate The Age of The Virus, most of which have (hopefully) fallen away now.  Still, we made it through, for the most part.
  • First Week of School in The Age of The Virus” (and “TBT: First Week of School in The Age of The Virus“) – Even after a week, I was already feeling a bit better about things.  It was still a bit crazy getting students to wipe desks down every time they entered a classroom, and the technology issues were in full effect (I’d completely forgotten about Loom—thank goodness!).
  • Back to School 2021” – I hate to be negative, but this school year sucked.  But there were some bright moments, too, and I had nearly twenty students for private lessons at one point.  Wooooot!

That’s all for this second edition of school-related posts.  Excelsior!

Happy Sunday!


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