Lazy Sunday CLXVII: More Movies, Part XXXI: Midweek Myers Movie Reviews, Part II

When putting together this weekend’s edition of Lazy Sunday, I thought that surely my longtime reader, contributor, and Internet friend (eFriend, perhaps?) Audre Myers had submitted more than these remaining two Midweek Myers Movie Reviews.  I’m sure she has submitted film reviews prior to the institution of this semi-regular, roughly-twice-monthly feature, but I’m too lazy to go scouring my vast archives for them (it is Lazy Sunday, after all).

But these are two pretty good ones, and while I usually like to feature posts in triplets for LS, I figured—as my beloved Meat Loaf, my God Rest His Soul, once sang—two out of three ain’t bad:

  • Midweek Myers Movie Review: Finding Neverland (2004)” – According to Audre, “Finding Neverland is the story of how J. M. Barrie came to write his best known play, Peter Pan.”  High Britishness, indeed, albeit with Johnny Depp in the main role.
  • Midweek Myers Movie Review: Hidden Figures (2016)” – Audre offers up a review of a movie that, while not necessarily historically accurate (NASA was fairly progressive on race even in the 1950s), at least sounds entertaining.  You’ll also learn that a “computer” is not just a beige machine to which we chain ourselves for eight hours a day.

Thanks again to sweet Audre for all of her contributions.  Here’s to more movie reviews to come!

Happy Sunday!


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One thought on “Lazy Sunday CLXVII: More Movies, Part XXXI: Midweek Myers Movie Reviews, Part II

  1. Cheers Tyler, and Audre. Keep those reviews coming.

    My advice to anyone in a relationship – and those who want them to last indefinitely – is to ignore the advice of Meatloaf, sagacious though he was. I tell Tina that I would do anything for love and I’ll even do that, just as I tell her that I want her, I need her and there’s always a way to ever love her more so just be glad, that 3 out of 3 ain’t bad!

    On that score, Meatloaf is putty in my hands! 🙂

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