Lazy Sunday CLXIII: More Movies, Part XXVII: Ponty’s Worst Films, Part III

We’re nearing the end of this long retrospective of mine and Ponty’s lists of the ten worst films, and back to Ponty this week.  His excoriation of Elf (2003) nearly landed me in hot water with my girlfriend’s family, who thought I wrote the review!  Here is what I did write about Elf:

Elf is one of those movies I’ve never seen in its entirety, but I know about all-too-well [sic].  It seems that every girl I’ve ever met loves this movie, but not just with some yuletide enthusiasm; they act like it’s the greatest Christmas film ever made.

Well, it turns out I was right; my girlfriend, her sisters, and her mom were none-too-pleased (is “none-too-pleased” another [sic]-able abuse of hyphens?)!  They acted as though I’d blasphemed Jesus (or that Ponty did).

Well, blogging is all about churning up some controversy, right?  I imagine they’d be a bit more amenable to Ponty’s next three picks (although Titanic might bring about more howls of female outrage—I’ll report back in a week, if I’m still alive after they read this preamble!):

We’ll look at my #4-#2 picks next Sunday, then close out with our #1 picks in the final Lazy Sunday post in the series.

Stay tuned—and Happy Sunday!


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3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday CLXIII: More Movies, Part XXVII: Ponty’s Worst Films, Part III

  1. I’m very glad that you’ve met someone who is compatibly, Tyler, and I’m glad you’re happy but if your girlfriend and family put this film on at Christmas, feign an illness and take your leave, post haste! Either that or drink copious amounts of alcohol – trust me, you’ll need it! 🙂

    If they put on Elf, Love Actually and Titanic, all on the same night, ditch her mate. It’s just not worth it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • She’s a real sweetheart, as is her family. I just have one sister left to meet. I don’t drink and I’m overly agreeable, so I might end up watching (enduring?) _Elf_ with four women surrounding me. Maybe they’ll feed me delicious Christmas treats during it.

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