SubscribeStar Saturday: Martha’s Migrant Crisis

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Apologies for the delayed post this morning, readers.  After a particularly grueling (but productive!) week and around three hours of sleep, I wasn’t prepared to write a post Friday night, and instead dozed off on the couch watching a Spanish-language horror movie.  —TPP

The big news this week is that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent a few dozen illegal immigrants to an upscale island vacation destination on the taxpayers’ dime.  Normally, I’d see this move as what these things usually are:  another example of scofflaws getting rewarded while the law-abiding foot the bill.

But these are not normal times, and the cost to Florida taxpayers was well worth the message sent:  if you progressive elites like illegal migrants so much—often at the expense, in terms of treasure and blood, of the naturalized and native-born citizens you’re sworn to protect—then surely they won’t mind a few dozen border hoppers lounging around Barack Obama’s palatial estate.

For conservatives out there concerned about the cost of these illegal immigrant vacation junkets, think of it as part of the State of Florida‘s advertising budget:  instead of spending money warning people to look out for cyclists or some other wasteful public service announcement, Floridians are getting a major return on their advertising dollars.  The speed with which the Martha’s Vineyarders (Vineyardians?) expelled the dusky hordes from their sleepy progressive utopia is an object lesson in how little elites really believe anything they say.  It’s also a pretty effective way of highlighting, on a small scale, what border towns experience every day, and to a far greater magnitude.

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4 thoughts on “SubscribeStar Saturday: Martha’s Migrant Crisis

  1. I could regale you with stories about our own migration shifts and the dirty deeds done at the expense of John Q Taxpayer but not today. I just wanted to check in and say hi.

    I also wanted to let you know that I’ve deactivated my Twitter account so will only be able to share your pieces (Neo’s too) on TCW, which I’ve also decided to use sparingly. The Devon trip blew away many cobwebs and has made me realise that I spend too much time on the things that clutter my mind, rather than focusing on the things I like to write about. The film/gaming reviews I like to write about and I’ll send you my number 9 next week. However – and I do plan to write about Devon – I will be returning to my novel and this time, I’ll be sticking to it. Like I said, taking some time away gave me some perspective so it should be easier to open up that book now, elaborate on the sections I was missing and finally complete it.

    No doubt, I’ll be in touch soon. Good piece, by the way. 🙂

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    • Cheers Ponty! Apologies for the delayed response; it’s been a very busy weekend.

      I’m glad to hear you’ve had a wonderful trip, and that it’s inspired you to get back to writing your novel. Feel free to publish any teasers or excerpts here, if you wish—or not, if you don’t!

      I think you’ll appreciate my #9 pick, although I think it should be higher. And I’m excited to see yours!

      Thanks for your kind comments. Remind me and I’ll send you the full text of this piece later.


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