Cancelling Jesus

Yesterday, I wrote about the destruction of statues of American leaders—the destruction of American history.  My position is that tearing down virtually any statue—Confederate, Union, Theodore Roosevelt, etc.—is the untenable erasure of our nation’s history.  Further, the historic illiteracy of the woke SJWs has seen the defenestration of statues of abolitionists—an absurdity for groups that claim to be fighting against the legacy of slavery.

In that context, I made a big deal about the toppling of a statue of Abraham Lincoln.  Lincoln has assumed something of a demigod status in American history, one that glosses over some of the thorny issues of how to respond to the secession of the Southern States (a real question at the time was, having opted into the Constitution, could States later opt out; for a good biographical read on that issue, check out “A Voice of Reason” by John Marquardt at the Abbeville Institute).  Lincoln was certainly a man with many noble qualities, and a keen constitutional mind.  The toppling of his statues is the height of insanity—or nearly so.

In my haste, I neglected the even more egregious calls to destroy statues and stained glass windows depicting The most important Figure in world historyJesus Christ.

Shaun King, a white man from Kentucky who cosplays as a black nationalist, has called for the destruction of stained glass windows and statues depicting Jesus, on the grounds that “They are a form of white supremacy.”  King does not articulate his position—which, let me hasten to reiterate, is absurd and wicked—very well, but to extend the minimum of intellectual generosity, it seems he’s making the “Black Jesus” argument, as he points out that Jesus went to Egypt to “blend in” and hide from Herod, “not Denmark.”

Never mind that Egyptians in the first century AD were likely some mix of Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Jews, a few Nubians (who would look “African” to us), and maybe heritage Egyptians (the ones that built pyramids and such)—and, therefore, not the deep blackness that Shaun King pretends to be—we know that Jesus was Jewish from the Levant/Palestine/Israel, so, sure, he probably had a swarthy complexion.  My response:  who cares?  Blacks routinely depict Christ as black.  Whites typically depict him as white.  What’s important is not the skin pigmentation or race of Jesus, but that Jesus came to save ALL of us from our sins.

I’m sure some theologians will argue it is, indeed, very important to get the details of Jesus correct, but, let’s be real:  Shaun King isn’t interested in getting at the Truth of the Gospel.  King’s motives are to erase the very roots of Western civilization and American history that don’t fit into his benighted vision of blackness, a world in which whites are always racist oppressors, even unwittingly so, and in which blacks only fail because of that “systemic racism.”

To be clear:  the very basis, the firm foundation, of our entire civilization for the past 2000 years has been Christ.  Yes, yes, there’s all the Greco-Roman influences and Judaic influences, to be sure, among myriad others.  But Christ was the fulfillment of the Old Testament Law, and His teachings radically transformed the Roman Empire and, with it, the course of Western Civilization.  The Epistles of Paul the Apostle—himself a Jewish man steeped in the Law, and a Roman citizen—continued, with many others, the dangerous ministries throughout the Empire.

Destroying Jesus is the equivalent to destroying our civilization, and our nation.  Neither can stand without Him.  And that is what truly motivates the Leftist mobs.  Shaun King is a race hustler who bilks investors of money and gins up violence—and he’s not even black (note that the Wikipedia entry on King’s race mentions Milo Yiannopoulos‘s reporting on the issue for Breitbart, which I have linked extensively throughout this post, but does not provide any direct links to Milo’s work—seems fishy to me)!

Sure, we can make arguments about Robert E. Lee statues (although I think such arguments are a distraction, and the Left will ultimately destroy the statues anyway).  Robert E. Lee was incredibly noble and virtuous, and a military genius to boot, but he was a flawed man like anyone else—perhaps the strongest argument for not tearing down statues willy-nilly.  But Christ Is Perfect.  Any argument for destroying depictions of Christ is satanic (unless you’re a Reformed Christian; I haven’t researched their objection to physical depictions of Christ, so I will extend the theological generosity and assume it’s based in their interpretation of Scripture, not some manner of demonic deceit)—the goal is to destroy a nation’s desire for Christ.

Doing so will destroy the nation—for a time.  People have a “God Hole,” as my Aunt Marilyn calls it, that must be filled.  Only Christ can fill it.  The Soviet Union struggled under de facto and de jure atheism for generations, but Billy Graham filled arenas and churches with Russians hungry for the Gospel.

Jesus cannot be cancelled.  But if we try to cancel Him, we’re only cancelling ourselves.


A brief coda, as a reminder:

A group that seeks to erase your history—the very story of your nation and where you came from—is a group that ultimately wants to erase YOU.  There is no compromise with such a group.  There is no reasoned discussion.

6 thoughts on “Cancelling Jesus

    • Thanks, NEO. All this cancel culture, deplatforming, defenestration, destruction, toppling, etc., really has me worked up. Okay, going after Nathan Bedford Forrest? I disagree, but I can kind of see their logic. Going after JESUS CHRIST? There is no logic there, only seething hatred for Holiness and Righteousness.

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      • Yeah, Forrest was a racist SOB, but he was also a tactical genius, whose tactics our cavalry still uses, even the black troopers. Above my pay grade to judge, and smacks of way too much presentism anyway.

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