Postmodern Iconoclasm

Statues are coming down all over the United States.  A few years ago, during our nation’s last bout of racialist temper tantrums and looting, the calls were for Confederate monuments to come down, on the premise that our nation shouldn’t celebrate “losers” and “traitors.”  For an historically illiterate population that just knows that “slavery was because of bad white Southerners,” it was a compelling, if ultra-simplistic and stupid, case.

At the time, many conservatives pointed out that, hey, if you start tearing down statues of former slave owners, you’re inevitably going to move onto George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  Should we really judge great men of the past solely based on one practice, one that we now acknowledge as immoral, but that was widespread—and, let’s not forget, practiced globally, with particular zest and gusto among Muslims—during their lives?  And let’s not forget that many slave owners wished to see the ultimate demise of the “peculiar institution.”

What we’re seeing now is an orgy of presentism, one that fits nicely with the orgy of animalistic rioting.  These ignorant, borderline illiterate (they are, in fact, excessively educated in Grievance and Victim Studies, but uneducated in actual knowledge and Truth) progressives and their pawns live in a perpetual present, in which the only good is whatever the social justice commissars decided at the last struggle session.  “We have always been at war with Eurasia.”

Judging figures from the past by modern standards is absurd.  How was Robert E. Lee supposed to know, in 1861, that a blue-haired biracial transexual feminist in 2020 would deem his noble self-sacrifice and military acumen to be “problematic,” “racist,” and so on?  And, naturally, the conservatives were right—even as Leftists dismissively shouted “slippery slope!,” they have now turned to destroying statues of virtually any historic figure who was, well, white.

Your argument that you’re trying to erase the legacy of slavery loses some of its power when you tear down a statue of Abraham Lincoln.

Of course, pointing out the hypocrisy of modern Leftism—see Secretary Clinton and President Obama’s stances on gay marriage, for example (they were against it in 2008, then for it in 2012—yet, in the minds of progressives, they were always in favor of it—only the most recent pivot matters for progressives, but conservatives will be held to account for every off-color joke we ever made in 1995)—is a fool’s errand.  They revel in the hypocrisy, and in the way conservatives twist themselves to point it out.  Their greatest strength is that they don’t tie themselves to any principled positions, and instead gleefully change their orthodoxy and their rule book to achieve whatever ends they desire.  Conservatives, meanwhile, walk the narrow path of consistency and decorum, even as the Left pulls up the bricks from that road and throw them at the conservatives.

The old rulebook—which never really existed, until New Deal Leftism became the dominant consensus on both political parties following the Second World War—is no longer valid.  The Left played by those rules of decorum just so long as it was politically expedient, then they threw it out.

A group that seeks to erase your history—the very story of your nation and where you came from—is a group that ultimately wants to erase YOU.  There is no compromise with such a group.  There is no reasoned discussion.  Moving Confederate monuments to museums or battlegrounds today will become, tomorrow, a “debate” about removing them from “public spaces” entirely.

Here’s how it will go:  “Why do we continue to honor the racist Confederacy in our national museums and battlegrounds?  These displays are insensitive to people of color, for whom the wounds of the past are still fresh.  We must remove these displays of hate to their appropriate setting:  boxed up in a government warehouse.”  Remember, that will be the reasonable position—permanent, closed-off storage, as opposed to outright destruction.  Mothballing those monuments is just another step to destroying them entirely.

There is no longer the possibility of compromise with the Left.  They want to destroy us.  The sooner we realize this fact, the sooner we can take back our country.

8 thoughts on “Postmodern Iconoclasm

    • Thanks, NEO. The implications are scary—I LIKED the old rule book of civil debate. But it was a sham. We’re fooling ourselves if we think there is any compromise with the Left. Every “compromise” with them is just moving them closer and closer to their goals—and our own eradication.

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      • Yep, a Virginian said it best:

        “It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace– but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms!”

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