Lazy Sunday CLXXIX: More Movies XXXII: Portly’s Best Films, Part I

This cold, wintry season always makes me want to bundle up with a hot pizza and a cool flick.  What better way to kick back after a long day of mind-molding than with a classic gem (or a B-flick schlock-o-rama) and piping hot pie, drizzled in olive oil and dripping with cheese.  Oooooh, baby….

Erhem—but I digress.  That got me thinking that it’s time to start going back through the best films lists that Ponty and I now halfway through compiling.  Since I started off the list, I figured I’d look back at my #10, #9, and #8 picks first, then jump over to Ponty’s next week.

With that, here are the first three from my list:

Happy Sunday!


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One thought on “Lazy Sunday CLXXIX: More Movies XXXII: Portly’s Best Films, Part I

  1. On letters to the editor today (TCW), I’ve started a conversation that I hope others will get involved in. It’d be fun to get the American perspective, especially because I’ve put your country in the firing line. 🙂

    Nothing bad but after watching it repeated for the umpteenth time in Stranger Things, it’s something that gets my back up.

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