Lazy Sunday CLXXVIII: The Worst of 2022

Happy New Year, my portly friends!  2022 is in the books, and 2023 has dawned.  What fresh opportunities—or nightmares, gasp!—will it bring?  Whatever it is, The Portly Politico will be offering up flabby commentary about it, and God is in Control!

As I do every year, it’s time to look back at the worst posts of the recently expired year, 2022.  In years past I’ve made this post quite extensive, but due to a dearth of time—and due to feeling a tad under-the-weather as the new year dawns—I decided to stick to just three of the “worst” posts, though there are many more with single-digit views.

To explain the criteria—and what I mean by “worst”—here is yours portly from 31 December 2021 in “The Worst of 2021“:

Now, by “worst,” I don’t mean “the lowest quality” or “the most offensive.”  I wouldn’t be an impartial judge of the former (and my readers are generally too polite to tell me if my writing sucks), and I’ve toned down my rhetoric too much to be the latter (although, who knows with the delicate sensibilities of modern Westerners).

No, by “worst” I simply mean “the posts with the lowest views.”  In the old days, when I routinely had posts with single views, I’d just hoover up those and plop them into one big post.  Fortunately, the blog has grown to the point that I don’t have single-view posts anymore, but I still have some neglected posts.

For this list, I will ignore posts that were written in prior years, with the exception of TBT posts, as I often add substantial new commentary on such posts.  I will also ignore posts that merely informed readers that that day’s real post would be delayed, or has been posted (so classics like “SubscribeStar Saturday Post ‘The TJC Spring Jam’ is Posted!” and “Lazy Sunday is Coming” won’t be included).

At the end of 2021, I looked back at single-digit posts; in other words, those with fewer than ten views.  For 2022, I just looked at the three lowest, each with only five measly views.

So, without further ado, here are the three worst posts of 2022, with five (5) views each:

Here’s to a new year of blogging!  I’m excited to see what’s next for yours portly as TPP enters it’s fifth year of daily posts.  WHOA!  Let’s all work together to ensure that none of my posts suffer such negligence in 2023, eh?

Happy New Year!


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