Lazy Sunday CLXXXII: More Movies XXXV: Ponty’s Best Films, Part II

I’m back from my trip safe and sound, but I’m still a bit behind with posts.  I’ll be running my #3 pick for the best films of all time tomorrow—a week late!  That’s given good ol’ Ponty a bit of breathing room for his next review.

Of course, I must apologize to Ponts:  this retrospective of his #7-5 picks is going up fairly late in the day for a Sunday.  I like to have posts up by 6:30 AM, as it seems to help with my English readership (which is growing all the time thanks in no small part to Ponty’s promotional efforts).  Here’s hoping this short list of his picks will gain some traction regardless.

Without further ado, here are Ponty’s top picks in the lower five:

Happy Sunday!


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5 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday CLXXXII: More Movies XXXV: Ponty’s Best Films, Part II

  1. I think it’s always surprising when someone chucks in a diverse – used in the true sense of the word – list but I consider it the getting to know you stage. We’re finding much out about each other, as with Audre and in every other publication, through our choices. Me? I like what I like, doesn’t matter when it was released, though my real love always contains dark tones. I like films you have to think about.

    I’m looking forward to your top 3 and certainly your honourable mentions. As always, I’ll share them when they come up. 👍

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