Lazy Sunday CLXXX: More Movies XXXIII: Ponty’s Best Films, Part I

Last Sunday we looked at my #10, #9, and #8 picks for the best films.  Now we’re looking at Ponty’s choices for the same.  So far, I think Ponty has the better list, although I stand by (most of) my picks.

His first three are all in the horror genre, but all vastly different films.  They’re also exemplars of the genre, and are must-see films:

Happy Sunday!


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4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday CLXXX: More Movies XXXIII: Ponty’s Best Films, Part I

  1. I know which Carpenter film is in your top 3. At first, I thought it’d be the remake of The Thing, in my opinion, far better than the original but I think I’m right in saying it’s another Kurt Russell classic, one which you and The Drinker happily share. The name Jack Burton comes to mind. 🙂

    I hate to tell you but Hollywood are remaking that film with The Rock in the title role. I’m guessing that though the special effects will be better, nothing else will. And you can bet your last pound that any humour, certainly that which makes fun of someone else, will be removed. It’ll be big trouble but not as we know it.

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