6 thoughts on “Headin’ Home

  1. Got your email, mate. I’m glad you had fun. I’ve been telling you to put your feet up for ages so it’s good to know you’ve taken my (or someone else’s) advice and taken some down time. You should do it more often. A break is good for the mind and the soul. 🙂

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    • You’re right. The thing about a Disney vacation is that your feet are rarely up, haha—they’re often running! But it was a good week. It was really fun seeing my niece and nephews experience everything for the first time.

      It’ll be many years before we go back, I am sure, as it’s prohibitively expensive, but I’m excited to return. My older brother and I are contemplating an abbreviated return so we can take in a bit more of Epcot, but that probably won’t be until next year.


    • Thanks, fridrix! I need to cut them back; they turn brown after the frost, and the original owner told me to cut them back nearly to the ground each year after they die, and then cover them. I’ll get it around to it one of these weekends, I’m sure.


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