Phone it in Friday XXXI: Kirby!

It’s the last full day of our family trip, and I’m still behind the proverbial eight-ball with posts.  My apologies to those who have contributed posts for publication; I’ll get them in next week.  What I have found is that posting later in the morning like I have been doing tends to result in lower views, so it’ll be best for those guest posts to go live next week when I am (hopefully!) back on schedule.

All mea culpas aside, here is a very, very brief edition of Phone it in Friday featuring everyone’s favorite little puffy pink guy, Kirby!

My niece is a Kirby mega-fan, and my nephews love him, too.  I remember playing Kirby’s Adventure in Dreamland on the Game Boy as a kid, and it’s fun to see the character evolve over the years.

While in the Japan section of Epcot I found some Kirby nanoblocks I’ve been searching for—unsuccessfully—in the outside world.  My niece and nephews love watching me build these things, so it’s a fun, affordable activity we can do together.

The pack was a mystery, but we got the main guy himself!


He was a fun little build, even after a long day of theme parking.

Happy Friday!



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