Lazy Sunday CLXXXIX: Arizonan Sojourn, Part I

The week before Christmas 2022 my older brother and I flew out to Arizona for a few days of adventure.  My trip to Disney World derailed my Saturday posts for a couple of weekends, and I took a Saturday away from Arizonan reminiscences to do a (brief) rundown of that Disney excursion.

I should be back on the Christmas Break Travels train now, though, and I thought I’d look back at the first three SubscribeStar posts in the series.  Right now they’re subscriber-only posts, but I might collect these short, self-indulgent travelogues into a small eBook or the like with a catchy, misleading title:  My Erotic Desert Adventures or something (disclaimer:  there was nothing erotic about the trip. unless you count the lust I developed for massive burritos).

Regardless, here are the first three, detailing the trip to Indiana, then our first day in Arizona at the Grand Canyon, finishing off with finding my destiny in a Western wear store:

Happy Sunday!


Other Lazy Sunday Installments:


3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday CLXXXIX: Arizonan Sojourn, Part I

  1. You couldn’t even take the tag off?! Tsst. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Other than that, pretty snazzy, dude. A couple of 6 shooters and a gun belt and you’re golden! 🙂

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      • Good stuff. 🙂

        If you’re in for some light, fun conversation today, pop over to TCW (reader’s forum) and join in.

        The question I put to readers last week was if every job, no matter how high or low skilled, carried a salary of £100k per annum, what would you do?

        This week, I’ve asked for the best Bond song that never was, ie, a song that should have been a Bond theme but wasn’t.

        Only one reply so far but I hope others join in.

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