Lazy Sunday CC: Myersvision, Part II

Lazy Sunday turns 200!  It’s hard to believe that I’ve been phoning it in for 200 Sundays now, but here we are.

In celebration of this milestone, I’ve decided to highlight some more features from our senior correspondent, Audre Myers, who contributes her Myersvision pieces roughly every Wednesday (or whenever the muses move her).  Here are three more of her excellent pieces:

Here’s to many more editions of Myersvision to come!

Happy Sunday!


Other Lazy Sunday Installments:


9 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday CC: Myersvision, Part II

  1. “Senior correspondent” sound so much nicer than ‘that whaco in Florida’. I’m going to check that Idaho piece; you may recall that the owner of the video pulled it from YouTube and now it can’t be found. It’s my understanding that when event occurs, any format containing the video will have a black box with a message that the video has been pulled. I’ll go check and come back and let you know.

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  2. O M GOSH!!!! The video is still there!!! I’ve copied the article to my computer so it should be safe now. That video is what pushed me from being a 95% believer to a 98% believer. I am so ‘chuffed’ (as our English friends would say)!

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  3. I do enjoy Audre’s pieces. I hope, in the future, to read a piece about her own literal journey, from New York to St Pete’s. I’m very much interested in reading about the good side of America and the history of places and people.

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