Myersivsion: From Years Gone By

What is the connection between Bigfoot and the Shroud of Turin?  Not much, except both involve investigating the mysteries of the science and faith, the two intertwining to reveal a larger picture.

At least, that is my takeaway from this excellent piece from Audre Myers.  In an attempt to salvage my blog’s reputation, Audre earlier this week demurred from submitting any more Bigfoot-related content, but the siren song of the hairy lug is too hard to resist.

As always, Audre approaches the subject with tenderness, curiosity, and analytical thinking.  She also notes that belief in Bigfoot is largely optional and up to you to decide, but belief in Jesus Christ is paramount.  If we can believe in the former, we must believe in the latter.

With that, here is Audre with “From Years Gone By”:

Our host, Port, asked me a few days ago did I want to write anything new about bigfoot. I declined, with sincerest appreciation of all that he has done to highlight what we’ve seen and heard about – and from – our very large friend. I know from content creators across YouTube that a channel – or in this case, a blog – can be detrimentally affected by posting articles about a creature 95% of the population simply scoffs at.

In my (now) five years of researching videos and audio recordings, I have seen many of the clips in this video but never found a source that covered, most of them, in one place. So I’m absolutely delighted to now take advantage, once again, of Port’s kindness and courage. After the opening section of the video, which is audio recordings, the video then goes into the background, or modern history, of bigfoot in America. The discussions are very good I think, revealing the mindset of the time and comparing it to what we hear today.

Something occurred to me, as I finished watching the video. The discussions regarding bigfoot, especially the scientific ones, are very much like those one reads and sees regarding The Shroud of Turin. In case you’re not familiar with the shroud, it is, sources would say, “purported” to be the burial linen of Jesus. This is a good video giving a history of the shroud and of the many scientific testings it has been through. In the video, the content creator mentions the blood DNA but doesn’t emphasize what is truly remarkable – your blood work shows two sources, one from your mother and one from your father to create your particular blood; the blood on the shroud only shows one source and it is female blood. Think about that for a minute and let it sink in. Of course the blood shows only the mother’s blood source – Jesus’ conception was divine. Only one human was involved in the conception of Jesus, His mother, Mary.

So when we compare the modern scientific thought about bigfoot, we can see similar trajectories in the scientific thought in regard to the shroud. Believers will always believe and doubters never will believe. That’s just a fact of life. For me, I believed in Jesus long, long years before I ever even heard of the shroud. Similarly, I am a 98% believer in bigfoot because I’ve seen an extraordinary amount of footage that cannot be faked or ‘hoaxed’. In the final analysis, only you can decide which is true and which is false. In the case of Jesus, I pray you make the correct decision. In the case of bigfoot, I hope you continue to be informed.


5 thoughts on “Myersivsion: From Years Gone By

  1. I just remembered … I think we’re all aware of GPT, that artificial intelligence program that can write poems, books, essays etc. I’ve noticed a sudden ‘proliferation’ of content creators using a similar artificial intelligence program that draws, as in artist’s rendering. I did some digging around and sure enough – those creators are using the ai artwork to draw more clicks to their sites. It’s pretty much a dead giveaway when all the ‘bigfoots’ across diverse sites all look the same. Don’t be fooled – if I were just starting out to research bigfoot, those sketches almost look real. Almost, but if you don’t know what to look for, chances are very good you’re going to be fooled. Just an FYI.

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    • The AI stuff is chilling to me for a number of reasons. The verisimilitude of AI-produced art and literature will destroy whatever remains of intellectual honesty and original creative work—or so I fear. Perhaps I am being a bit alarmist in my assessment, but I’ve heard of publishing houses and websites closing off all submissions because they’ve been flooded with AI-written novels.

      It’s enough that writers, artists, and musicians have to compete against one another for customers and patrons; now, we must compete against computers, too! Making money, much less a living, from a blog has always been extremely difficult, but achievable (it’s not necessarily my goal, although I do bring in a small amount every month via SubscribeStar, which helps cover expenses for the blog); now, it’s going to be very difficult to do as an original content creator, when most blogs will simply churn out ChatGPT garbage.

      The deep-fakes are disconcerting, too. Think about all the possibilities for blackmail and character assassination. In terms of our big hairy friend, these AI images further muddy the waters. I want to put forward the _best_-case arguments for Bigfoot (which is why I ask you to write about him), because Bigfoot attracts a lot of grifters and fabulists. Now, it’s going to be even more difficult to get a “true” picture of Bigfoot—and, I fear, most things that we know a great deal more about!

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      • Elon Musk, who started an ai company years ago but left it to persue other things, has spoken about the likelihood that we are closing in on a time when we won’t be able to trust what we see and hear. He’s a lot smarter than me … I consider myself ‘forewarned’. You’ve read that they are now teaching ai to lie …

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