Lazy Sunday CLXXII: Myersvision, Part I

Good ol’ Audre Myers—if it weren’t for her and Ponty, I’d have to actually write something now and then!

Audre e-mailed me about a month ago asking if she could could contribute reviews of television (i.e., Netflix) series, not just films.  Naturally, I agreed—enthusiastically!

Since then, she’s been churning out these little gems on the regular, and there are more on the way.  I dubbed the series Myersvision, and this Sunday we’re looking back at the first three installments:

  • Myersvision: The Final Table” – A high-end, international cooking competition with chefs and judges at the peak of their craft?  Sounds like something I’d watch while eating a bowl of Spaghetti-Os.
  • Myersvision: Baking Impossible” – Continuing along the food themed, Audre’s second submission was a baking show that combines baking and engineering.  Might we be driving on gumdrop roads soon enough?
  • Myersvision: Blown Away” – This show sounds like it’s something The History Channel would air, but way classier—and glassier—hey-oh!

Happy Sunday—and Happy Viewing!


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26 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday CLXXII: Myersvision, Part I

  1. I’d like to read a Myers review of The Walking Dead at some point, though I’d probably avoid it until we’ve watched all of it – we don’t have a TV license so we can’t watch it live, which means we’ll have to wait for it to come out on DVD and neither of us are fans of spoilers.

    On a TV related subject, we rewatched the episode of Friends recently, where Chandler sets a task of naming all 50 US states. As it turns out, mine and Tina’s knowledge of US states is seemingly better than our knowledge of British counties; Tina got 39 and I got 44. Film and television really helps you remember. The only gripe for me was Maryland – crikey, I eat enough of their cookies! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • You may very well see one in the not too distant future; it’s been simmering in the back of my mind since I realized that most people don’t seem to see what I see in the series.

      Tonight is the final episode. I’m both excited and sad. I won’t spoil it for you, even if I write about TWD tomorrow. We’ve walked every mile of their roads with them, cried with them, laughed with them, were terrified with them, and have been grateful with them. I’d never spoil the ending for you.

      Ok; what are Maryland cookies???

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      • Yes, don’t tell us. If you do write something on it, can you headline that there might be spoilers and then I can avoid it until we’ve watched it? Thanks in advance.

        Do you know, I’ve never checked the packet to find out if the cookies come from or are made in Maryland, I just made that presumption. Maryland cookies are gorgeous. I dole out a plate, when we have them, with our evening brew (tea) and most of them will end up in my gob, Tina looking wide eyed at the crumbs left on the plate! To be fair, she doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth so the majority of anything sweet will end up in my belly.

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      • What is firming up in my mind is not an episodic review but a look at the whole of the series and what I see in it. We don’t need to see the last episode to have an understanding of the whole. I won’t tip the ending because I suspect it will support the ideas I’ve formulated during the entire life of the series. I’ve binge watched TWD so many times, all the episodes blend together anyway, lol. Have no fear; I won’t spoil it for you or anyone else who may be a closet watcher.

        But … but … what ARE Maryland cookies???

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  2. Sorry. They’re chocolate chip cookies and they’re just lovely. I could eat them all day.

    Tina made the mistake yesterday of sending me to the supermarket and I came back with a load of chocolate – McVities chocolate digestives, Kitkats, Club biscuits and Twix. I was tempted to buy more but I thought (wrongly as it turned out) that Tina might have something to say if I returned with a confectionery store. They’ll be gone in a few days with me around! 🙂

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    • It sounds like “Maryland Cookies” are just chocolate chip cookies, but marketer in Britain needed to sell them as vaguely American and slapped the name of Maryland on there. It’s like when Asians wear t-shirts that say, “Bebop Hot Dog Rock ‘n’ Roll” on them—it just looks American even if it’s nonsense (or when we wear t-shirts with Asian script and it says something like “water buffalo,” but we think it’s something mystical and cool).

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      • In the end, I don’t care as long as they taste good – which they do! 🙂

        Still, though – Maryland. How could I forget that? I missed Pennsylvania and Oregon too. Could be worse. Tina got Virginia but forgot West Virginia. D’oh!

        Funnily enough, if we had to sit here and write down counties of the British Isles, I reckon we’d probably get 50% – and that’s only because of the cricket! 🙂 🙂

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  3. By the way, Audre, not wanting to reshape your review of TWD, I’d venture that there are a few episodes which touch on what the series is, where it’s going and how the people, by and large, are effected by this new world. The Grove, in my opinion, the darkest episode of TWD with the darkest character (Lizzie), is a perfect example of what this new world has become and would be a good place to move from.

    I guess, when I have more of a chance to comment on it, we can talk about that episode. There are some brutal episodes, some claustrophobic episodes but there is nothing, in my view, that comes close to the horror you see in The Grove.

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    • There are many outstanding episodes and it would be great fun to discuss them individually – and we should do that sometime!

      What is in my head may be something so far from left field you may not be able see it coming. I’ll have to write it and then we can chat about my ‘overview’ of TWD.

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      • And what a fun chat that will be! You know me – I can talk all day! 🙂 It’s a shame it won’t be over a few pints and a smoke!

        I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts. I have a lot of my own so it’ll be interesting to see how they mesh.

        Tina sends her love, by the way. I think she misses interacting with you and our friends here and on TCW. 🙂

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      • We’ll have to wait and see if our thoughts ‘mesh’.

        Please tell our Tina that I don’t bite – and rarely ever growl! – and you have my email address and I’d love to hear from her, privately (email) or here on Port’s blog. I’ve often wanted to write to her but I don’t want to be pushy or make her uncomfortable so I’m comfortable waiting until the time is right for her. And give her a big hug for me!

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  4. You’re such a dear, Audre. Tina was overwhelmed by your response and says thank you. 🙂

    It won’t be long until we send out our Christmas cards. Tyler is added this year, which is great, and I’ll be looking again for something specifically Norfolk. Generic cards never do when you’re sending them abroad.

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  5. No, neither of us forgot South Carolina. I nearly forgot Florida, getting it in at the end of the thirties but Florida was one of the first states Tina put in. I was erring towards states like Connecticut and Wisconsin. Both of us got New England wrong – apparently it’s a region covering many states. Who knew? 🙂

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