Lazy Sunday CLVI: More Movies, Part XXI: Movie Reviews, Part XXI

We’re back to the movies yet again this Lazy Sunday, though it’s going to be an abbreviated installment.  After the two film reviews here, Ponty and I began trading back and forth our reviews of our Top Ten Worst Films.  That list is nearly complete (with Ponty’s #2 pick popping tomorrow morning), so I’ll soon be going back through that list in future editions of Lazy Sunday.

That also means that, after this Sunday, I’ll be giving retrospectives of film reviews a rest for a few weekends.  What vague theme will I explore instead?  Stay tuned to find out more!

Regardless, here’s a 33% lighter Lazy Sunday than usual:

  • Monday Morning Movie Review: Runaway (1984)” – One reason I like to go back through these movie reviews is because I forget how many movies I’ve reviewed.  I also just straight up forgot watching 1984’s Runaway—starring a mustachioed Tom Selleck as a police officer charged with disabling malfunctioning robots—until going back through these old reviews.  I did enjoy this film, and although it’s not a great movie, it scratched an itch for a robophile such as myself.
  • Monday Morning Movie Review: Deep Water (2022)” – If you like psychological thrillers, Ana de Armas, and snails, you’ll love Deep Water (2022), the story of loveless, dysfunctional couple Vic (Ben Affleck) and Melinda (de Armas) Van Allen.  A great deal of the appeal of this movie—besides the aforementioned Ana de Armas playing a riotous sexpot—is trying to figure out the nature of the Van Allens’s deeply messed up relationship.  The snails are also kind of weird.

Happy Sunday!


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